Mitsotakis: Half income tax for the Greeks returning to Greece – for 7 years

Kyriakos Mitsotakis referred to tax incentives to “reverse the brain drain”.

During a conference call with Greeks who live and work in other countries of the world, the Prime Minister announced, among other things, that the Greeks returning from abroad or those who work in Greece will pay half an income tax for 7 years.

However, he recognized that financial incentives alone “are never enough to make the decision to return to the country.” According to him, the country’s long-term prospects are more important: ‘if we have left the crisis behind us for good, if there is political stability, if there is meritocracy, an effective state and an economy that can provide more employment than offers today’.

Referring to the Pissaridis report, he said he was “essentially a cohesive plan for big, very bold change,” referring to an extroverted, competitive economy “at the forefront of developments, at the forefront of technology, at the forefront of climate change “.

He pointed out that the government sees the coronavirus as “a great opportunity” and explained that “in an age where you can work anywhere, why not work from Greece, provided some basic conditions are met?”

“We see that more companies are interested in moving the regional headquarters to Greece, as Greece is a safe country and has good connectivity. Many may want to leave Turkey“, which was a country that had attracted such large companies, but is now facing different problems.”

He said that under no circumstances should there be a conflict between those returning from abroad and those who have stayed in Greece and closed the discussion by referring to a line from the protagonist from the film Field of Dreams: “If you they will come ”.

“The tax breaks are fine, but the most important thing is how the state will treat us,” said one of the participants, Hector Chandakas, who works in France. As Mr Chandakas underlined, what they want to return to Greece is meritocracy and an allied state.

“We’ve done it with a lot of work, but also with a climate where we can do things.” We want a decent job with extroversion, “he said.

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