Problems with bad weather – New worsening of Thursday with severe cold and snow Greece

On Wednesday, a temporary improvement of the weather is expected almost everywhere, because the wind will gradually weaken and the temperatures will rise slightly. From Thursday, however, a new wave of bad weather, "Sofia", is expected, with the main features of the harsh cold and local snowfall, even in low-lying coastal areas, because polar gas masses will cross the country from north to south.

The weather on Wednesday

For Wednesday we expect temporary weather improvement until noon, with the exception of the Cyclades, Crete and the Dodecanese, where rain and local storms and clouds are temporarily increased with the possibility of local rain showers in the low and low snow in the mountainous and semi-mountainous areas of Evia and of the Eastern Solid.

From Wednesday afternoon, initially in the Ionian Sea and gradually in the west and during the night on the rest of the continents, rain and snow are expected in the mountainous and semi-mountainous and gradually throughout the night in the region's Epirus, Macedonia, Thessaly and Central solid with lower altitude.

Frost takes place in the early hours of Wednesday on the central and northern continents.

The temperature varies from -3 to 7 degrees in Northern Greece (in Western Macedonia 3-4 degrees lower), 4 to 8 degrees in Central and Southern Greece, 0 to 11 degrees in Western Greece (in Epirus 2- 3 degrees lower), 10 to 13 degrees in the Cyclades and Crete, 7 to 12 degrees in the eastern Aegean islands and up to 14 degrees in the Dodecanese.

The wind blows in the Aegean from northbound strong to almost windy 6-7 Beaufort, with the exception of the Dodecanese where they will blow from variable directions of patients and after northwest directions moderate 4-5 Beaufort, while in the Ionian from northwest directions moderate 4-5 Beaufort and gradually from the evening hours strong to almost windy 6-7 Beaufort.

Transient clouds increased in the north and east of the prefecture with a low probability of local rainy and mild snowfall in the mountains that awaited Attica on Wednesday.

The temperature will vary from 4 to 9 degrees. The wind blows from the north, moderate to strong 5-6 beauty and in the east almost stormy 7 Beaufort, with a rapid attenuation from noon.

Little clouds, gradually increased from the afternoon, we wait in Thessaloniki Wednesday.

The temperature will vary from 0 to 8 degrees Celsius. The wind in Thermaikos blows moderately 4-5 Beaufort from the north and from the afternoon Northwest with the same intensity.

In which areas of the prefectures Achaia, Aitoloakarnania, Arcadia, Korinthia and Messinia there are problems due to bad weather.

The wave of bad weather continues to cause problems in the traffic of motor vehicles, mainly on the mountain road network of the prefectures of Achaia, Aitoloakarnania, Arcadia, Korinthia and Messinia.

According to the police, the traffic of vehicles in the 82nd kilometer of the old national road Patras – Athens is interrupted due to a landslide, as well as on the municipal road of the ski resort Peristera – Kalavryta.

in Arcadia, the traffic on the provincial roads Tripolis – Kastriou – Agios Petros – Astros, from the 20th to the 53rd km, as well as the provincial road Leonidio – Kosmas – Gerakion, has been interrupted.

According to the police it is also necessary to use anti-slip chains in the following areas of the prefecture Aitoloakarnania:

* On the provincial road from Nafpaktos – Platanos, from the local community of Palaiopirgos to the local community of Platanos.

* On the provincial road from Nafpaktos – Ano Chora, from the local community of Limnitsa to Upper Hora.

* On the provincial street of Nafpaktos – Eleftheriani, towards the local communities of Palaiopirgos, Eleftheriani and Ag. Sunday.

* On the Kallithea – Prousou motorway, from the 13th to the 18th km.

in Arcadia, chains are needed in the following ways:

* On the provincial road Elatis – Chrysovitsi – Stemnitsa.

* On the provincial road Leonidio – Peleton – Mariou, from the 20th to the 40th kilometer

* On the provincial road Leonidio – Palaiochori – Agios Vasiliou, from the 12th to the 32nd km.

in Corinthian, it is necessary to use anti-slip chains on the following points:

* On the provincial road Xylokastro – Trikala, from the 14th kilometer.

* On the provincial road Trikala – Karyas, from the 1st kilometer.

* On the provincial road Kiato – Goura, 15 km.

at messinia, the chains on the highway Kalamata – Sparta, from the 33rd to the 40th km are necessary.

Finally, due to the strong wind, the ferries of Rio – Antirrio have been interrupted.

Problems in the streets of Chania due to bad weather

Problems on the national and provincial road network of the regional district of Chania have caused the wave of bad weather in the area, with the main feature being the heavy rainfall.

In many parts of the northern axis of Crete there have been reports of rocks and rocks where the problem was stronger on the road from Chania to Kolymbari, where in addition to stones large concentrations of water have been observed on points of the road network where special attention is needed from drivers .

Due to the dredging of the unpaved roads, the provincial road from Platano to Sfinari Kissamos was closed, where machines for the restoration of traffic were sent.

Problems with water accumulation have been reported in areas of the municipality of Chania and due to the torrential rains the water level has also risen on the Klaadissos river.

The streets have fallen from the heavy rainfall on Kos

Problems were caused by the heavy rainfall that took place on Kos during the afternoon.

As a result of heavy rain, the current rushed to the island and in some cases the traffic of vehicles was interrupted.

In one case a car drove off the flooded river and fell into a ditch in the area of ​​Syntagne, without any further consequences, because the driver of the car had suffered nothing.

In the area of ​​Agioi Anargyroi in the new stadium Kos flooded the surrounding parcels, as well as homes that informed the fire brigade about pumping water, while problems were noticed in other parts of the city.

From midday, civil protection personnel, Kos municipality, rescue workers and firefighters are on foot.

Larissa: I grew up in the mountains of the prefecture – where they need anti-slip chains

Different snow falls in the mountainous areas of Larissa on the first day of the year.

The Spilia area, as well as the mountainous areas of Farsala and Elassona, are dressed in white.

The roads are open on the road network and according to the notice of the Larissa police station the use of anti-slip chains is necessary on the provincial road Gonon-Kallippekis from the 12th km and on the provincial road Skouriou-Spilia from the 4th km.

Half a meter of snow in the mountains of Trikala

He exceeded 50 points the height of snow in the mountains of the prefecture of Pylis and Kalambaka Trikala, while 20 machines from the Trikala Regional Unit throw salt to keep the road network open.

So far Trikala's deputy governor, Christos Michalakis, has emphasized that "all roads are open and we are preparing for the next Thursday", according to predictions a new wave of bad weather is expected, "Sofia", with the most important features at the most stringent cold and local snowfall. While pool masses will cross the country from north to south.

In the province Karditsa as vice-governor of Karditsa, Vassilis Tsiakos emphasizes, the roads are open and 35 machines are assisted. He does not point out that Karditsa prefecture is preparing for the new wave of bad weather.

Traffic rules in Athens – Patras in Eleonas of Aegialia

The wave of bad weather that today struck the Aegialeia area at sunrise caused a slight retreat of the slope 165 km from the Athens-Patras highway in the Eleonas area.

According to "Olympia Odos" traffic rules of about three kilometers were used for preventive purposes.

In particular, the traffic flow to Patras has been "moved" to the traffic flow to Athens.

Finally, according to "Olympia Odos", technicians from the local construction site are on site and are investigating the slope to determine the extent of the damage and to make the necessary interventions.

The 50 excursionists in Fthiotida were unleashed

A good ending was the adventure of 50 excursionists in the mountain village of Gardiki in Fthiotida when they were unloaded from the snow in the hotel where they lived.

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Snow in the area exceeded 70 points due to heavy snowfall. The road was sent again on Tuesday afternoon. A special vehicle with blades specifically from the Alps was recruited for the evacuation of the excursionists.

More than 100 calls to the fire brigade for tree drops and power outages in Attica

Problems in Attica with declines of trees, signs and other objects, with no luck to report injuries, caused strong winds, especially during the night.

The Fire Department has received more than 100 calls for such problems, especially in the southern suburbs, especially in Glyfada and Voula, where the garages worked to mow the trees that had fallen and opened the roads.

According to the fire department, in some cases damage was caused to parked cars.

Many times electricity interruptionsare included in areas of South and Western Attica, such as Vari, Voula, Nea Makri and Porto Rafti. The DEDDIE caused disruptions in the electricity grid.

Serious problems with electrification are noted in the village of Panariti Korinthias, because they complained to SKAI.

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