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The police explained the identity of an attorney, photos & website address to a man against whom a professional prosecution and continuous prosecution had been filed deceit, incidental exposure resulting in serious harm to a person's health, as well as violation of sensitive personal data.

The Thessaloniki Public Prosecutor filed charges against him following an investigation that allegedly had "scientific knowledge and healing abilities". denounced that he had advertised.

On his website, the 61-year-old accused is recommended to Internet users as a "book researcher and writer" with many "international awards". According to a biography on the same website, he is presented as an inventor of the "Tri-Anthropo-Type Paschalidis Model", he claims that he has been awarded the title "Professor in the psychology of the model of the private Russian Academy for nursing training". He also appears as a "member of the Association of Aviation, Sea, Environment and Medical Extreme Treaties of Russia".

The prosecution in connection with the criminal offense of fraud amounts to more than 30,000 euros and is linked to monetary amounts that would have been paid by persons who were addressed to the suspect.

As noted in her announcement law enforcementthe disclosure of personal information is likely to lead to the disclosure of new witnesses and to the detection of other victims of exposure or fraud, as well as to the prevention of reported offenses. In this respect, persons who have evidence to complain may contact the Thessaloniki Prefecture of Thessaloniki Property Protection Department (2310-388349, 2310-388-353) and note that the anonymity and confidentiality of the conversation are guaranteed.

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