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rises to Europe with a growth rate … 415.1%!

The Chinese smartphone market, the world's largest, has sunk. Most mobile phone manufacturers are looking for new possibilities. India starts and fills devices and the next battlefield seems to be Europe. Canalys Market Research Company has published a report showing that Xiaomi has achieved very good results in Europe, especially in Ukraine.

In the fourth quarter of 2018, Xiaomi had a market share of 26.7% in the country and was in first place for the first time. Second, Samsung is 26.5%. Interestingly, four of the five smartphone brands in Ukraine are Chinese. The other companies are Huawei (16.2%), Meizu (10.6%) and Honor (7.9%). Even if you add Huawei and Honor as one company, the total does not reach Samsung's second second.

Xiaomi also has amazing results on the Western European market. It has successfully reached the top five positions and has become the fastest growing brand for mobile phones in Western Europe with a growth rate of 415.1%! On the Spanish market, Xiaomi increased by 273.4% yoy and is currently among the top three in sales. The company only arrived in Western Europe in May 2018. Very impressive results in less than a year of presence.

Four years ago, Xiaomi launched its global expansion. Since the second quarter of last year, it has increased by 150%. It has entered 82 foreign markets and has reached the top five to 25. According to the third quarter of the 2018 financial report, the company's foreign revenue reached $ 3.2 billion, up 112.7% year-on-year . , accounting for 43.9% of total sales.

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