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River support text of 26 personalities with Boutari and Mano | thetoc.gr

"The river must continue to be heard", say 26 personalities from the country and invite the citizens – whether they are adherents or voters of the river – to "strengthen a clear voice that does not demagogue and does not lie dormant and especially not silent in the face of fear of political costs ".

The full text of 26 is as follows:

In a European country there is an urgent need for political bodies that do not have the only spirit of mind. Politicians who speak clearly about the extent of the problems the country is facing and who dare to propose complex and sometimes difficult solutions. This need now covers the river.

In his five years of presence he did not hesitate to support what he considered to be the national interest. He therefore voted against the government in the vote of confidence, but voted in favor of the Prespa agreement, ignored pressure, threats and constantly political bullying.

This strange, in the Greek political system, perception – to say "yes" and "no" without party blinkers – must remain in the House. Especially in a period of acute polarization and continuous degradation of parliamentary morality.

Those who sign this text are not necessarily followers or voters of the river. But we all believe that the river must continue to sound. A clear voice that does not demagogue and not entertainment. And above all, it is silent in the face of fear of political costs.

1. Aristidis Agatoklis, ambassador

2. Giannis Adamakis, painter

3. Maria Vitroakis, professor of Environmental Sciences

4. Meltta Gourtsogianni, architect

5. Stefanos Daskalakis, painter

6. Thanasis Diamantopoulos, professor of political sciences

7. Nikos Dimou, author

8. Alexis Heraclides, professor of international relations

9. Kostis Kazamiakis, architect – art critic

10. Giorgos Kaklikis, Ambassador et.

11. Iolos Calavrezos, professor at the University of Harvard

12. John Karanikolas, senior banker

13. Panos Loukakos, journalist

14. Stefanos Manos, former minister

15. Vassilis Markis, honorary president of the union of attorneys

16. Panayiotis Metaxas, professor of computer science at the Wellesley and member of the Harvard Research Center

17. Dimitris Moschopoulos, Ambassador et.

18. Yannis Boutaris, mayor of Thessaloniki

19. Pantelis Economou, professor of nuclear physics at the University of Vienna

20. Yannis Papadopoulos, professor of political science at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland

21. John Papanikolaou, economist

22. Anastasis Perrakis, research director of the Netherlands Cancer Institute

23. Christos Rozakis, former Vice-President of the European Court of Human Rights

24. Platon Tinios, professor at the University of Piraeus

25. Sotti Triantafyllou, author

26. Giorgos Houliaras, sculptor, emeritus professor at the School of Fine Arts

The list of citizens who will sign the text will be made public on 26 February at the event that the Potamia river will take place in Athens, where the views and proposals for the European elections of 26 May will be presented and the people who will be fighting. enter into the Potamio Eurochamp. .

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