The rare pink diamond "Pink Legacy" comes out on the hammer | people

A rare pink diamond because of its weight, color and purity can lower the price record per carat for a stone of this color during the auction in Geneva, where appraisers expect the sales price to be 50 million dollars (44.1 million).

"His weight is exactly 18.96 carat, and if we know that most pink diamonds weigh less than one carat, we are talking about a very large weight," explains Jean-Marc Linell, an international jewelery specialist at Christie & # 39; s.

"Pink Legacy", in deep pink color, belongs to the "fancy lively" category, the highest on the scale used for colorful diamonds. The "fancy vivid" diamonds weighing more than 10 carats are almost unknown in auction rooms, because only four "fancy vibrant" pink diamonds have been auctioned, according to Christie.

"Pink Legacy" also belongs to the so-called type II diamonds, which means that it contains little or no traces of nitrogen, which according to experts represents less than 2% of all diamonds. Diamonds of this type belong to the purest chemical composition and often have "excellent transparency and luster," says Christie.

"Pink Legacy", a classic classic, has been a household word for decades in the Oppenheimer family, who have been De Beers mines for decades, explains Christie & # 39; s who does not want to give up the name of his current owner.

The diamond from the South African mines was discovered almost a century ago, cutting was done long ago, probably in the 1920s and has not been cut since. Its value is estimated between $ 30 and $ 50 million (between € 26.5 and € 44.1 million).

"We must know that this diamond is indeed excellent and probably the most beautiful ever on the auction, so there is reason to hope for the sale of this precious stone today," Linel said.

Source: RES – EAP

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