The wife of Michael Schumacher "breaks" her silence! | inMotion: News

A letter to the German musician Sasa Herchenbach, which was reportedly written in 2014 by the wife of Michael Schumacher (but the date has not yet been officially confirmed), but published relatively recently, reveals the thoughts of the wife of the German World Champion, he was stranded in 2013 because of the accident he had while skiing.

"We all know that Michael is a fighter and does not give up"Says Korina, 49, in the letter to their friend Sasha, who also wrote a song about" Soumi "entitled" Born to Battle ".

To complete: "I sincerely thank you for your message and your beautiful gift, which helps us in this difficult time. It is good to receive such wishes and words with good intentions, which are support for our family. We know that Michael is a fighter and does not give up".

Herchenbach said that he was surprised by his wife's answer, Michael Schumacher, as he revealed the contents of the letter in a related interview with the German magazine Bunte. Like the German musician "I did not expect to get an answer and it was shocking. " To supplement that "The letter was handwritten and signed by Korina herself".

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