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26 November 2018 | 02:23 PM

"Earthquake" among scientists

The scholars at the University of Basel in Switzerland concluded that all people born on this planet in the past 200,000 years are descendants of a single set of people who would have lived at the same time.

Mark Steck and David Taler claim that after thorough research, involving more than five million genetic codes from at least 100,000 different animal species – including humans – they discovered that all people were from a single pair of people after probably a catastrophic event that nearly killed the earth abandoned.

Indeed, the research team of the Swiss university finds it almost certain that 90% of the species of the animal kingdom had a similar evolutionary course, while they believe that all lifestyles that are present now have started their journey to Earth around the same period, 250,000 year ago.

The theory of the two anthropologists largely overwhelms Darwin's evolutionary theory, making a small "earthquake" among scientists, such as the theory of species evolution has been regarded as the most common version of man's course on the planet by the ages.

source: e-radio

Scientists defy Darwin's theory: we all come from just two people

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