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They hit wood, they avoid making an important appointment and do not want to … cross a black cat in their own way.

According to the most prevalent view, the bias for today is based on the fact that the fall of Constantinople took place on Tuesday, May 29, 1453 on Tuesday.

Generally, 13 thunders … the harmony of 12. 12 is the number that expresses excellence: 12 the disciples of Christ, the gospels, the months, the gods of Olympus.

In the Anglo-Saxon countries, Friday is considered to be Grusian and 13 respectively.

The bias on Friday and the 13th is – most likely – rooted in the murder of Knights Templar.

It was Friday, October 13, 1307, when his men, under the command of the king of France, Philip IV of Ore, arrested hundreds of Knights Templar and surrendered to the Holy Exarch for torture, confession of heresy and execution.

This was the end of the legendary battalion, launched by a group of nine French nobility, and it achieved so much power and wealth that it was considered dangerous by the kings of Europe.

In many hotels there is no 13th floor or room 13.

There is also no place with the number 13 on the planes.

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