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With Zeus + Dione at BAFTA the wife of Lanthimos [εικόνες]

With an airy dress of Greek brand, she chose to appear the wife of Giorgos Lanthimos, Ariane Lambet, at BAFTA 2019.

Giorgos Lanthimos was mainly photographed on the red carpet with the golden statue of the British Academy Awards after the overwhelming passage of The Favorite in the competition, winning 7 prizes and the female role A and B.

Giorgos Lanthimos with his wife Ariane Lambet, on the red carpet of BAFTA / Photo: Getty -Ideal Images

Afterwards she greeted Kley Middleton with Olivia Colmane, who spoke for a moment with the actor who received the role of a female role in the Royal Albert Hall, and George Lanthimos walked with his wife on the red carpet, Arian Labet, who won her impressions with her stylistic choices.

Kate Middleton-Olivia Colman / Photo: AP

She wore a green silk dress from the Greek Zeus + Dione in the colors green and gold. Ariane Labet posed on the side of a Greek director who did not completely abandon her hand through the red carpet walk.

Giorgos Lanthimos with Rachel Weis / Photo by Getty -Ideal Images

For his part, Lanthimos chose a tuxedo and bow for the evening, an accessory that he always wore on his red carpet.

Zeus + Dione today published a photo of Ariane Lambet explaining that the dress chosen by the French actor is inspired by the Tutankhamun Treasury & # 39;

Note that the couple married in 2013 and to date they live in London, the European metropolis where Giorgos Lanthimos scenarios inspires and creates the conditions for important collaborations.

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