“Your loss will not be contested”: Randou-Charalambopoulos’ heartbreaking farewell to Vangelis Hatzinikolaou [εικόνες] | ZOE

His talent overflowed, his writing pen had much to say and his kind soul was a source of light and strength for his friends and associates: the actor Vangelis Hatzinikolaou no longer lives here.

Two of the people who have made public rare photos of Vangelis Hatzinikolaou and words expressing deep grief at his loss are Eleni Randou and Vassilis Charalambopoulos.

Vangelis Hatzinikolaou was a friend and collaborator of Eleni Randou for a number of years: from 2002 to 2005 in the play “Mom don’t run”, in “Filoumena Martourano” in 2017, and in the adaptation of the play “Jasmine”.

He collaborated with Vassilis Charalambopoulos in the theater – in the performances “Syranos” (2016) and “Ah this ghosts” (2013) and was associated with him through close friendships.

Watch the moving messages from Eleni Randou and Vassilis Charalambopoulos, at Βovary.gr.

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