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Death on the luxury yacht that worked in Kefalonia, a 20-year-old from Australia, a model on Instagram, was found. Sinead McNamara worked as a crew member on the six-yard yacht, costing an estimated $ 140 million and belonging to a Mexican magnate. Her death was confirmed by her friends on Sunday, but the girl lost her life a few days earlier.

The fatal incident took place at sunrise on Wednesday 29 August. That evening, the voices of the crew of the impressive Maya Queen IV are perceived by unsuspecting holidaymakers and islanders.

Sinead McNamara is hung on the yacht wreaths and pandemonium has the upper hand. He is immediately transferred to the hospital in Kefalonia and the next morning in a coma in a private clinic in Athens. A few hours later she leaves life and leaves her own people in mourning.

The authorities are conducting an initial investigation into the incident by taking deposits from all crew members of the ship and investigating the closed circuit of the yacht. The details of the case go out with the dropper, but the scenario's give and take the death of the young girl, which suggests the first evidence as suicide.

The luxury ship remains in the port of Kefalonia and the authorities collect the data to help them solve the case.
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