230 refugees left for Piraeus – SKAI (www.skai.gr)


They are all family members or belong to other vulnerable groups.


Another 230 refugees from different nationalities leave today for the port of Piraeus, destined for a horeca structure in northern Greece.

They are all family members or belong to other vulnerable groups.

All in all, as part of the efforts of the Ministry of Migration Policy to relieve the settlement in Moria, more than 1300 people have left Lesvos. For example, for the first time in the past, fewer than 10,000 asylum seekers living in structures in the Mytilini region have been killed. While the number of residents in the camp of the reception and the identification center of Moria and in estates around it decreased to 7,750.

Mitilini: 230 refugees left for Piraeus
They are all family members or belong to other vulnerable groups.
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