32-year-old arrested for arson in Euboea

In her hands law enforcement is located this morning suspect for everyone to burn who entered this summer Euboea.

More specifically, the officers of the Directorate for Combating Crime in the Fight (IDEA), in collaboration with employees of the research department of the HW of Chalkis, in the context of the auto-trial, 32 years arrested, as a culprit of arson , continued, for nine fires that took place in wooded areas of the municipality of Dheryon Mepapion.

The young man seems to be the one who built the last big fire in Evia and is a resident of the Stavros area.

In particular:

  1. On 25-08-2018 and Ω / 17:20 on the site "CRYO REMA" of Stavros Stavros, Municipality of Dheryon Messapion.
  2. On 25-08-2018 and Ω / 18:20 on the site "NEKTROFFEIO" of the suburb Stavros of Dyfpion Messapion.
  3. On 12-08-2018 and Ω / 15:24 on the site "ALONAKI" of the tertiary municipality of Kondotispouti, of the municipality of Diffion Messapion, of which a very large area was burned, eight thousand (8,000) hectares.
  4. On 01-07-2018 and Ω / 18:25 at Stavros Stavros of the municipality of Diffion Messapion.
  5. On 30-06-2018 and Ω / 15:20 in the suburb Stavros of Dyrfyon Mepapion.
  6. On 29-06-2018 and Ω / 15:20 at the location "AGIA ANNA" in Stavros Stavros, municipality of Diffion Messapion.
  7. On 05-06-2018 and Ω / 13:35 at the location "KOUTSOURI" on the Psakchon DK of Dyfion Messapion Municipality.
  8. On 03-06-2018 and Ω / 15:45 at the location "KATO LAKKES" in the Stavros metro station of the municipality of Diffion Messapion.
  9. On 02-06-2018 and Ω / 15:10 at the "KOUTSOURI" location in the Psakyna monastery of the municipality Dyfion Messapion.

The above is being held and will be taken today, at 12.30 pm, before the Plamenomilikon Chalkis prosecutor.

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