& # 39; Long live Macedonia, & # 39; shouted Tsaroucha with tears – said Netopoulou [βίντεο]

Much … the reception ceremony in Macedonia-Thrace was very easy. Outgoing Maria Collja Tsaroucha cried, while the new Deputy Minister Katerina Netopoulou … lost her words.

With tears in her eyes she completed her speech, during the reception and ceremony of the Macedonian Ministry of Thrace, former Deputy Minister Maria Kollia Tsaroucha.

The former deputy minister, as the SKAI broadcasts, asked the attendees to cheer up "Macedonia".

"This ceremony in difficult times for the country of birth, because the loss of our pilot Vassilios Nikolaouos during the service was lost.It is a heavy reminder of the victims of the summer that we remember.It is common for us all to do everything in the work to prevent similar events from recurring, "said Ms. Kollia – Tsaroucha.

At the same time she wanted a good start to Katerina Netopoulou, proud of Macedonia and Thrace, expressing her joy that the ministry would remain in the hands of the women.

Katerina Netopoulou was rather uncomfortable, as a result of which she somewhat lost her thoughts. "I'm not used to it," she said, smiling to receive an exclamation of applause.

The new Deputy Minister of Macedonia-Thrace thanked Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Maria Kollia – Tsaroucha, for whom she wished much success in her new duties.

"In Macedonia and Thrace, we fully understand that today's society needs the deepening of democracy, the strengthening of the productive and social infrastructure with extraversion, this is the purpose we serve." The prime minister's office continues to function and we We are expanding and strengthening our actions in Macedonia and Thrace and with the same sense of cooperation we are trying to work in Northern Greece and I am sure we will succeed Macedonia and Thrace will be pioneers in productive reconstruction The Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace hope and hope to be a more intensive place for planning and implementing policies for productive development, "said Ms. Netopoulou.

"On a new page, in a new era, we will write another story that fully matches the dreams, needs and fear of the people of Macedonia and Thrace," added the new Deputy Minister of Macedonia-Thrace.

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Photo & # 39; s: IntimeNews / TOSIDIS DIMITRIS

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