A 25-year-old in Philopappou lost his life

In particular, the villains approached Nikos and his 23-year-old friend to rob them, they collapsed and during the fight he lost his balance and fell into the void.

It is, however, remarkable that the authorities do not exclude the possibility that the perpetrators pushed the unfortunate newer.

Because the perpetrators have been able to press the mobile phone, the police are looking for the device, both Nikos and the girl.

the police officers had concentrated their investigation on detecting the mobile phone of the unfortunate Nikos and the 23-year-old girl from Portugal.

In particular, attempts were made to identify indications of activation of the device, and in particular the area where this occurred, in order to determine the scope of investigations for both perpetrators and potential tampering.

It should be noted that police investigations seem to focus on a group of bandits – two of whom are marked – from Pakistan, acting on the streets of Athens.
These are five suspects who are wanted to be charged and questioned about the 25-year-old theft and death.

From the very beginning, the police officers who had arrested the case had registered the groups of raiders who had acted in the theater on Philopappou Hill, the Acropolis and the Historical Center.

Apart from the Pakistani group, another group of Algerians, three villains from Afghanistan, Morocco and Bangladesh and another Roma group acted in the same places.

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