A short circuit is attributed to the blackout in Attica by IDMH

According to a recent announcement, the error was due to a short circuit caused by a transmission line drop at 3 150 kV substations at the Pallini High Voltage Center and notes that the exact causes of the incident are being investigated and that the results of the survey are expected to end. the week.

ADMHE once again asks the citizens of Attika for the inconvenience.

In detail, the announcement:

In addition to its previous announcements, ADMHE reports that the power failures in Attica are due to a transmission line drain on three 150kV substations at the substation of Pallini's high voltage center (CYT), which has the direct short-circuit.

The security system worked immediately by switching off the 150 kV of the CTV. As a result, the supply of medium voltage outputs from the CWT to distribution networks in different areas of Attica was interrupted. The exact cause that led to the fall of the pipeline on the scales is the subject of an ongoing investigation whose results are to be completed by the end of the week. expected.

At the time of the collapse at 14.12, the cargo handled in the transmission system in the Attica region amounted to approximately 2000 MW and caused a loss of one third of this capacity. Specifically, the following distribution stations were: Nea Smyrni, Kallithea, Faliro, Elliniko, Argyroupoli, Pagrati, Aristidou, Vrilissia, Maroussi and Pallini.

IDUA's response based on internal procedures was immediate. In particular, the crews of the Energy Control Center and the System Maintenance Services immediately left their base to repair the damage as quickly as possible. At 4.20 pm all loads were recovered with which the transmission system fed the distribution network.

The current event that caused considerable electricity problems in many areas of Attica was extremely rare on the basis of operator statistics. ADMH apologizes again for the people in Attica for their inconvenience.

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