Alarm in Nauplion for missing 15 year old swimmer – Newsbeast

An alarm issued Saturday afternoon to the Port Authority of Nafplion when foreigners of a 15-year-old declared their disappearance.

According to, the 15-year-old Portuguese citizen swam in the area of ​​ancient Asini (Kastraki) near Tolo Argolida and his parents lost contact with him.

Immediately the parents started to search for the missing child, residents and visitors, while the Port Authority immediately sent a floating boat, where, with the help of private fishermen, they began to search in the sea area while a harbor with men harvested the wider area.

The hour passed, the parents' fear of the little ones was red, while there were no indications for the fate of the 15-year-old Portuguese.

Eventually, after a few hours, the coast guard found the young child on foot on the beach of Plaka Drepano.

The little one who wanted to explore the area was removed from Kastraki by swimming around the small peninsula and ended up on the beach of Plaka Drepano, near Plaka, without knowing the way back, even in the opposite direction to Drepano.

Finally everything worked out well for the small portuguese that the men of the harbor gave to his parents after his adventure.


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