All euro countries supported Greece

As "a good example of European solidarity with our own interests", German Chancellor Angela Merkel describes the third aid program for Greece, which, as noted in a relevant announcement by the Chancellery, was successfully completed today.

"From 2017 the Greek economy will grow again, the investments have increased by 10%", says the same announcement according to the Athens News Agency that in recent years their programs have been successfully completed by Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Cyprus.

"The European Commission will follow Greece four times a year in the first period after the end of the program and will also monitor the Greek guarantees for the continuation of the reform process. By 2022 Greece wants a primary surplus of 3.5% to reach GDP and then comply with European fiscal rules, "continues the Chancellery and concludes:" All the euro countries have supported Greece in this way and, in cooperation with the European institutions and the IMF, have repeatedly shown solidarity. program represents an important step for Greece, which will be financed with its own strength in the future. "

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