An action taken against the state by the parents of an officer who has been deprived of China

In a lawsuit, revealed by the "Free Press", parents complain about "sending suicide" and asking for a compensation of one million euros for mental suffering

Parents talk about unaffordable flight conditions and

Speaking at SKAI, the family judge Yannis Marakakis emphasized that this type of helicopter (AB-212) was completely out of reach of the helicopter, another to participate in such an exercise, arguing that this was better known to the marine

. He added that, in combination with the unprecedented weather conditions he knew from the early afternoon, they equate this order with

The steering group also emphasizes that the communication between the helicopter and the frigate was the critical minutes problematic and note that the frigate commander should have ordered the immediate return of the helicopter.

The treatment is led by, among others, the manager, the commander of the frigate Phocas and regulator frigate group.

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