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To provide an immediate solution to the problem of crackdown in the Stratoniki settlement in Chalkidiki, Aristotle's municipal authority will put pressure on all directions. The problem of crackdown has plagued the region since 2008 and recently the municipality board received a report from the Institute for Geological and Mineral Exploration (IGME) for appropriate actions to be taken in the near future.

According to the geological survey – Pre-study of the subsurface of the settlement, which has already been delivered to the municipality of Aristotle, the phenomenon of cracks becomes worse. "The settlement Stratoniki has several serious problems, which can not be seen in a calm state, but we can come unexpectedly with a microcosm, we push all the way because our citizens are worried and we want to respond quickly to the causes (the phenomenon ), "said Mayor George Zoumbas to APEBEA.

In order to propose appropriate protection measures, it is essential to find funding and instruct IGME to carry out targeted measurements at suitable locations within the settlement. "The next steps must be taken and IGME proposes a series of actions to be carried out quickly, but actions must be funded to arrive at what the fault is (for deficiencies)." As the mines (operating in the area) have to stop mining, if it is not the fault of what we have to do to stop the problem, "added Zubas.

In a relevant press release from the municipality of Aristotle it is emphasized that "after all planned actions of the municipality we seem to be moving towards a definitive solution to this serious problem, which has plagued the settlement of Stratoniki during the last 10 years. with all its strength and dynamism, complete the pressure in all directions to provide an immediate solution in the autumn for the initial funding of the study and in collaboration with IGME to ensure the immediate start of the project its implementation ".


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