An urgent technical report on the villages around the Amyntaiou mine is requested by the GPG

The Secretary General of Civil Protection, Yannis Tafillis, requested an urgent letter from the Immediate Intervention Team of the Institute for Geological and Mineral Exploration (IGME) to make an exhibition of technical geological recognition of the areas of the local communities of Anargyroi, Valtonera, Pedinou, Rodona and Fanou of the municipality of Amyntaion.

The aim is to investigate the landslide phenomena, their impact, as well as the risk assessment for agglomerations, road network and other projects, as the aforementioned areas were declared in emergency situations after the landslide of the Amyndeon mine, which was held on 10 June 2017.

Then the landslide dragged part of the village of Anargyroi and caused damage to the streets and networks of the area. Because of the danger, the village was evacuated and then, by legislation, the expropriation of the settlement and the relocation of the residents to another area. According to the Deputy Regional Chief Environment Officer, Konstantinos Gerou, "the process of registering property and protests has been completed and the Expropriation Declaration is expected by the Ministry of the Environment".

The municipality of Amyndeou, in cooperation with the Western Macedonia region, has asked for a certain period of time to continue the state of emergency for the above mentioned areas in order to complete a number of activities that make the lives of the residents safe and as mentioned in RES BP the mayor, Konstantinos Theodoridis, "we have requested civil protection for the detailed mapping of the situation that exists in the area, as the visible cracks that penetrate the above-mentioned settlements continue to provide strong safety in the daily lives of the residents. "

He also stressed that reports from residents who arrive at the town hall speak of "widening the visible cracks that cross these areas" and for all of this we ask "responsible scientific evidence and documentation by those in charge, such as IGME, to come up with what needs to be done for the safe daily routine of the residents. "

Meanwhile, by the end of 2018, the findings of research in this area on the causes and risk of rupture are expected to be submitted to the workshop of the Professor of Seminary of the National and Capodistrian University of Athens (EKPA), Efthimios Lekka, on behalf of Western Macedonia.

Finally, as a result of the memorandum of cooperation between the Secretariat General for Civil Protection and the Institute for Geological and Mineral Research (IGME), the municipality of Amyntaion should be informed by IGME of the risk of the phenomenon and safety of the affected countries. constructions in the area, while it will also have technical proposals with the aim of directly limiting the impact. with information from AMPE

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