Anchored and abandoned ship of Crete

Anchored and abandoned ship of Crete

Four weeks is anchored and abandoned on the outskirts of Crete, namely in the Kali Limenes of Heraklion, the cargo ship St. Elias, which according to the testimonies of the crew ends with food and water. As Stanislav Mukhin says in the Greek repoter, the owners of the ship have left it, with the result that the 20-person crew – all Ukrainians – have not been paid for three months!

"We are angry with the indifference of the company, we have our money and the newest food supplies are starting to rot, sailors are starting to lose weight due to lack of food," Mukhin says.

One of their biggest concerns, however, is that it ends with water and fuel.

"There are no other fuels for our generator, it can take up to two days, even without an electric ship, that the ship gets out of hand." Characteristic are the photos that show not only the food that is rotten, but also the bad state in the ship

According to Greek Reporter Sealight Maritime LTD reports that they are aware of the problems and are looking for ways to solve them in cooperation with the port and the coastguard, and in the coming days they are expected to make a formal statement about the ship.

Last updated: Tuesday, October 16, 2018, 03:03

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