Anger in Agrinio for serious 19-year-old injury (photo and video)

Anger caused a serious injury in Agrinio on the face of a 19-year-old who sat on a bench in the central square of the city during the episodes of the fifth anniversary of the murder of Paul Fussa.

The girl was hit by a sharp, heavy object on the face, which was unclear if it was stone, marble or flare, because they report unconfirmed information.

Her injury is very serious, although her life does not involve any risks and she has to undergo a number of surgical procedures because she has several broken skull fractures.

The young man was transported unconscious and lost a lot of blood with an ambulance from the EKAB in the hospital.

The central square, as well as the square near the train station, was turned into a battlefield, when the anti-authoritarian fighters were thrown stones and molotov to the police with tear gas and flash grenades.

On the Agrinio square, during rush hour, there was fear and much concern was caused by the young man who was struck by the fact that many people needed first aid.

The course started at 8.30 pm from Dimadis Square and included about 200 people. Some wore hoods.

He crossed the streets of Papastratou, Souliou, Dagli, reached Mavili, where the first serious incidents took place, and was then led to the square that turned into a battlefield. There was a 19-year-old injured.

The police reportedly reported at least six arrests. At the expense of the young detainees, filed cases were filed and in the morning they were brought before the Prosecution Agrinion.

The same sources report that these persons are not involved in the injury of the girl, with the investigations being continued in each direction. It is not even excluded that the number of arrests will increase.

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