Apologists are arrested on Monday for the death of the 25-year-old in Philopappou

The backyard of the researcher passes on Monday morning, after a deadline they have applied for and received, the three were arrested for the death of a 25-year-old student on Philopappou Hill who is confronted categories to a degree of crime for deliberate manslaughter, serial burglary, illegal artillery and gang formation.

They are two Pakistani and one Iraqi, 17, 25 and 28 years old, who have known that they have been involved in theft, but that resulted in the fall and death of the unhappy man. The Iraqi admitted his presence.

The fall of the 25-year-old student is a result of the robbery, said the officer of the murder cases, Kostas Xassiotis. The deputy director of the Attica Security Directorate, Athanasios Kokkalakis, pointed out that several police departments tracing of the case, adding that there were strong indications that they would try to escape abroad.

The time of the case

On the evening of August 15, his 25-year-old and 23-year-old friend reached the hill of Philopappou and sat in a rocky area on the side of Koukaki. Shortly before 11, two foreigners came to them by asking for the cigarette. When the victim replied that he did not, the two men left, but then returned, together with a third person, and demanded, with the knife threat, their money and their mobile phones.

The victim told them they had no money and then one of three from the bag of a 23-year-old cell phone and a wallet with the amount of about 60 euros, her passport and maps of Greek and Portuguese banks.

The other two perpetrators continued with the knife threat to seek money from the 25-year-old who, under the threat and apparently as a result, found the police, walked on the cliff and sustained his deadly injury.

The perpetrators then fled and the 23-year-old called the police.

Taking into account the circumstances, the location and the manner in which the crime was committed, the investigation focused on a circle of suspects, whose three criminals could identify themselves on the basis of the progress of the investigation process. After research in both Attika and other areas in Central and Northern Greece, a team of police officers from the Crime Department of Life, in collaboration with the Kilkis peacekeeping force from Paionia, found the two actors in the afternoon of 23 August 2018 in the area of ​​Edomeni Kilkis, from where they planned to cross the border and escape abroad. In the evenings, the third actor was also found in the area of ​​the center of Athens.

As far as the perpetrators' offense is concerned, it appears that they have been accused of, for example, robbery, violations of the arms law, illegal entry into the country and theft, while one of the suspects was subject to restrictive conditions.

The research continues with regard to their involvement in other offenses.

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