Aristeidis Floros was promoted to the issued GADA arrest warrant

The developments in the case of Aristeidos Floros are high. According to information from the cross section, the newly released number Floros, is in the hands of EL.AS. for a while and was taken to GADA.

The convict of the eclipse scandal of Energa – Hellas Power, an energy supplier, was arrested after he filed an appeal against his case, which had been released for health reasons.

Official EL.AS. refused to confirm the news so far, avoiding talking about "imprisonment" while his lawyer explained ignorance of the reason for the arrest.

The 39-year-old entrepreneur had declared Psychic to be domiciled, but the authorities found him in the house of a friend in Glyfada, which reinforced the authorities' suspicions that he was a suspect of the flight. Initially he was taken to the police station of Voula and then to GADA, where an arrest warrant is expected to be issued.

At the same time Evia's court of appeal meets with explicit procedures to decide whether the appeal to the deed is accepted, paving the way for the release of Aristides Floros.

It should be noted that this decision must be typed before the authorities officially conceive.

Appeal against the release of Aristides Floros

Earlier, the deputy prosecutor of Arios Pagos, Charalambos Vourliotis, gave the assignment to consider the possibility of appealing against the law, which paved the way for the release of Aristides Floros.

It should be noted that the appeal is brought against the panel that opened the prison door for the 39-year-old Aristide Floro, with a disability rate of more than 67%, after approximately 36 months in prison, despite being sentenced to 21 years in prison for the large financial scandal of Energa -Hellas Power, amounting to EUR 256 million.

The chief prosecutor typifies the voter as 'anything but convincing and convincing', based on the opinions about the prisoner's invalidity rate.

A little later it became known that the prosecutor of Ephesus Chalkis, who had investigated his profession for days, finally exercised his right.

In his order, his chief public prosecutor, Mr Vourliotis, stated: "The medical certificate of invalidity, on which the positive opinion of the Chalkida City Council was based, is clearly vague and therefore undisputed in terms of the contribution of the percentage of 70%. This is because the specific diseases and the relative degree of invalidity are not specified, but it is just that 35% is due to a psychiatric disorder. "

In addition, the public prosecutor states in his order that the method for calculating the total disability percentage is not mentioned, and that the relevant report from the relevant KEPA committee that issued the relevant certification does not appear to be attached to the file.

At the same time, the document of the "Evangelismos" administrator, who brought to light an informative site that was kind to SYRIZA, took the road to the Chalkida public prosecutor, who has already requested a preliminary investigation for release, crimes such as bribery – active and passive – have been committed, as well as the use of false testimonies.

According to the director of the hospital, P. Goulakis – Mitsakis, the Floroforos report has a "non-existent" stamp. This is because the doctor who signed the relevant report was not a doctor of the NHS establishment during her stay in "Evangelism", so that her stamp "does not exist", while it is also noted that there is no signature from the scientific manager. 39; Sleep Study Laboratory & # 39; or the professor of clinical intensive care.

"My signature was ready!" Says the doctor

A new overthrow in the case of Aristeidos Floros, as the doctor who reportedly signs the advice in question complains that her signature has been falsified.

Kallirroi Lambrou, who reportedly signs a report after a study at the Sleep Study Laboratory at the Evangelismos Hospital, also explains in her statement that she has never met Mr. Floros.

In her exclusive statement in New York says 24/7: "I write from the outside where I recently started working and I fell from the clouds with what I have learned today.

During my three-year stay as a university scholar in the sleep study studio of Evangelismos, I never met Mr. Floros and I never signed a relative sleep study report.

My alleged signature was a cloak and was misused for a reason I do not know.

It has affected my medical honor and I hope to restore the truth soon. "

Kind regards, Kallirroi Lambrou ".

And a second doctor says his signature was forged

A second doctor who is involved in the Florus affair also speaks for the forgery of his signature.

Mr. Spyros Zakynthinos, director of the first intensive care clinic in Evangelismos, who reportedly signed the spirometry, told protothema: "Both my research and my signature on it are fictitious, I have never heard Mr. Floros or some of his exams. I have sent a written report to the hospital administrator and the EMFF. "

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