Bases 2018: "Locked" the date of their announcement

Finally, in the wake of thousands of students, it will be on Tuesday, August 28, because, according to ERT, the Ministry of Education is expected to announce the Bases 2018!

Probably their announcement will be around 10 o'clock in the morning.

Where will the bases be – What the latest data show
Mixed trends, depending on the scientific field, are expected to be presented this year. According to the education analyst, Christo Katsika, the majority of departments – and especially the majority of traditional high-ranking departments – will not do it.

Instead, most departments requiring a special lesson would have increased to their introduction base. A large increase is also expected in the pedagogical departments. According to the calculations of mr. Katsikas will be Athens's highest score this year, although by predicting the fall of its base.

It is also recalled that some 40,000 candidates have scored this year under this foundation. "This is one of the biggest percentages of recent years," he noted.

Indeed, in the Humanities and Social Sciences Group, of the 27,679 candidates, 33.16% to 10,000 points have been collected. In the same support group, in the field of health and life sciences, up to 10,000 molecules accounted for 63.25% of the total of 8,600 candidates.

In the Positive Science and Science Science group, of 24,935 candidates, 41.67% has collected up to 10,000 points. In the same group, in the area of ​​the scientific field of health and life sciences, of the 17,753 candidates, 30.48% has similar performances.

With respect to the Economics and Informatics Orientation Group, in the field of the scientific field of health and life sciences, of 3,223 candidates, has 83.58% to 10,000 points. In the same group, in the field of Economics and Informatics, of the 22,658 candidates, 53.46% has corresponding designs.

So, according to Mr. Katsika, it is expected that this year candidates with scores of less than 10,000 points will accept about 100 divisions. "These departments also cover TEIs and universities and are distributed in all scientific fields.The lower entrance to the university department will not exceed 6,000-7,000 points.The lower entrance to a TEI department will be less than 4,000 points, "he said.

Estimation of the movement of the insertion bases

1st scientific field
"The" threshold "of the field will be below 7,000 units, after the 2017 candidates who have access to less than 10, have risen, said Mr. Katsikas, while stressing that an increase in bases is expected in most parts of the field, on the order of 100-300 molecules on average. "In the area of ​​higher and higher education (rights and schools for psychology) is expected that the growth of the input bases will be small, on the order of 50 -100 points, because there will be an obstruction due to the increase in the number of shots. For example, the law of Athens is expected to move between 18.200-18.350 points, Thessaloniki legal at 17.950 – 18.100 points, Athens Psychology at 17.800 – 17.950 points and the Athens Philology at 16.450 – 16.650 points. "

2nd scientific field
In the second scientific field, it is clear to Mr. Katsika that there will be a ruin in the bases of the Polytechnic Colleges of both the Central Universities and the Regional Universities. "This year it was great to raise candidates with bottom-line scores (41.67% this year against 33.23% last year), which would" build "an import base of 7-9,900 points in different departments. secondary schools will also fall, the PC segment of the NTUA is expected to go to 18,200-18,350 molecules, the equivalent of 17,550 to 17,500 molecules in Thessaloniki and the chemical engineering department of the NTUA to 17,250 to 17,450 molecules, "he said. on.

3rd scientific field
Falling bases will also have high school medical schools in the 3rd scientific area, as in the "18.5-20" score scale, a score is required for admission to medicine lower than last year (917 candidates this year, compared with 1,386 last year). At the same time, as Mr Katsikas pointed out, the increase in the number of candidates with scores below the base (30.48 this year compared to 25.12 last year) will also affect the low sections of the field by continuing to send lower flights from their import base. "The worst performance this year in biology lessons – a course with increased gravity – probably leads to high-level and sought-after medical, dental and pharmaceutical schools to significantly reduce their base of 200-350 molecules." For example, medicine in Athens is expected to rise to 18,800 – 19,000 points, Thessaloniki Medicine with 18,750 – 18,900 points and Thrace Medicine with 18,250 – 18,450 points, "he explained.

4th scientific field
With regard to the 4th Scientific Field (Economics and Informatics), an increase in the displacement of the insertion bases of most sections is expected, averaging 150-400 molecules. "This, because of the significant increase in the number of candidates – about 2500 more than in the previous year – and the fact that in the course" Principles of Economic Theory ", the percentage of students with a performance in the scale of the score of 18-20 is higher than last year, "said Mr Katsikas.

He added that the effects of the best performance in the & # 39; Principles of Economic Theory & # 39; (and at least of mathematics) are mitigated by the worst performance in both & # 39; language & # 39; as & # 39; Developing applications in a programming environment & # 39 ;. "However, the fact that 53.46% of this year's candidates" carry "scores below 10,000 points will" down "many departments, mainly TEI, down to their bases, resulting in the general physiognomy of the field to be assembled from two completely different directions to the insertion bases, "he said.

Courses with special courses
Finally, of the departments that need research in a special lesson for admission to them, the faculties of architecture are expected to decrease significantly. On the contrary, musical studies are expected to increase significantly. An increase is also expected, both in English literature and in French and German literature. On the contrary, a significant decline is expected in the departments of Italian literature.

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Bases 2018: Finally in the fear of candidates for the announcement

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