Breaking down Volos with the grandson who claimed to be bitten by a snake GREECE

Great unrest in history with the child in Volos that his grandmother complained about biting snake and the doctors of the hospital in Volos accused them of not doing their job well.

the doctors react with now extrajudicial and blame her grandmother that he complicated things as they did, and from one he said that the child struck stone, and on the other he said the child bit a snake.

In the exodus of today the pediatrician says:

"The foreboding of 19 months, your grandson, arrived at the General Hospital of Volos (which is documented electronically) around 14:15, with guides you and your husband, who mentioned as a background that the child touched his left hand in stone on a tree trunk in your country house in Veneto where you were staying.

This was the reason why the young patient was not referred directly to the Ministry of Emergency Situations (pediatric clinic), but to the orthopedic and surgical clinic, as you urgently had to undergo an x-ray check, which was shown to be performed at 2:29, after which the diagnosis was made and then the child again visited the Orthopedic and Surgical Polytechnic Institute to investigate and take into account the radiographic result and the background that was reported by you.

The truth is that after all the child was referred to the Pedagogical Institute for Pediatrics, while you and your husband still claimed that the child has touched his left hand!

From the above it follows that you wrongly asserted to the media that your partner immediately told the doctors that the child was bitten by a snake.

You deliberately hid from the media that before you came to the hospital of Volos you visited the Velestinos health center, where you also claimed that the child struck his hand in stone, that you were unhappy because he did not take x-rays and even the truth of what I say was the child in the hospital of Volos with a narthex in his hand!

The fact is that when you first heard from the medical staff of the children's clinic and in particular from me that the child was bitten by a snake, you were surprised and you said that there are no snakes in your garden!

The child is then transferred to IRD from the children's clinic around 15:00. On that day I was on standby duty in the hospital for 24 hours. I was initially informed of the incident by a pediatrician specialist who electronically documented that he called me on my cell phone at 15:11 and 15:13 and at 15: 14-15: 15 I was already at the pediatric children's department.

The first time I saw the child, I immediately saw that it was a snake bite, and that it would have to deal with it as a poisonous bang.

Therefore, in a false and completely defamatory offense, both as a doctor and as a person you told the media that only the student was close to your grandson, that I did not appear at 4:15 PM and that my colleagues at 16.30 hours the seriousness of the incident of 2 and a half hours of apathy, and then at 4:30 pm I was the director and scientific director of the pediatric clinic, because of course you had a mess with the anesthesiologist who was on call and called by me became to accompany the child in his movement.

Moreover, there are many documents (calls from the telecommunication center and other electronics that show my active presence there).

Most prominently you blamed my honor, honor and reputation by presenting me as an irresponsible doctor, despite the fact that from the first moment you came to him you were next to your grandson EDF Pediatrics, I immediately (because of experience and special expertise in the subject) determined that it was a snake bite and since then a group of 10 colleagues from specialists and specialists (6 from the pediatric clinic and 4 other clinics that are registered), we have the right and human (as clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic), to stabilize and safely transmit the child's condition, as it should to General Hospital Larissa, who was registered, but also had a number of junior doctors, closer to the university hospital of Tertiary in Larissa and on the other hand closer to a hospital with an ICU for children.

Personally I had contacted the Hippocratic Hospital twice (documented) and specifically with her doctor ICUwho informed me that he could not pick up such a child, stabilized unless he got worse and was intubated.

As you know, the child was accompanied by an anesthetist for the ultimate need for intubation, which (anesthetist) I had called myself (was on call), who came to the computer just before the transfer of your grandson. . Until that time there was also an anesthetist who was active in the department of anaesthesiology and who was also called by me and who you called in the media "cheelga" and mentioned .. …… I am the same that I am early to bring cold water to humidify the child's lips, which still had a hemoconcentration (no anemia!) that you had mistakenly announced in the media, since the child's first hematocrit was 44%, unusually long for prenyopia and after we crawl and hydrate we went down to normal limits, as shown by the ongoing exams we gave the child, even a few minutes before we went to the ambulance at 17:35)

Do not notice that was canceled never your grandson, because you have misinformed the media. If your grandson was so bad that he had to be intubated, he went to the ICU of the Ippokratios Children and not to the 2 Larissa hospitals. Moreover, it was not transferred to Gennimatas Athens, but to Gennimata General Hospital, Thessaloniki. He stayed for 10 days because he needed some extra days to watch, but also because the intravenous antibiotic in Volos should have given him ten days. As for aspirin not given as a painkiller, if you think it is inappropriate in the case. So I answer some of your questions, which, of course, because you are not a doctor, have wrong arguments and combinatorial thinking.

Through the call center I made the first two phones at the EKAB at 3:50 pm (and in total until at least four or five calls arrived and I would debate for the first time that EKAB was notified at 17:00 – but you were not continuously in the EDF field but on demand if we needed other information and therefore it is unnecessary and arbitrary to claim false facts that did not happen), at least 3 phones were made in Larissa (callable pedophile viral), second laboratory test on your grandson was intervention EKEPY and were informed of the small patient in the duty Pediatric Surgeon Ms. Anastasia Economou had accepted, filled and sealed, the documents and awaiting ambulance unit.

The third replicative laboratory test was carried out (note that in the sealed examinations the time was taken), a short handwritten history was compiled, which accompanied the child at his transfer, signed by me and by the surgeon, Mrs. Psarianos, in which, in addition to registering the clinical image of the child, its vital functions. and the treatment for pediatric paediatrics, the results of biochemical monitoring, gas uptake, some of the last examinations that took place after 5 pm, made use of waiting in the ambulance, to, as I said, the 5 colleagues. to help they received the child in the General Hospital of Larissa, they had the latest results and we and ours had the last image of the child.

At least the pediatric pediatrician, the child was ready to be transported in less than an hour, as evidenced by all papers, electronics and telephones, and the treatment was done with the required scientific knowledge and experience and despite the misleading history that you and your husband. The reinforcing argument that we have not defied is the fact that the child has not been introduced, as usual, even in the pediatric clinic, but that it has immediately departed from the urgency, which improves the speed with which it was treated. .

Finally, regarding your unfounded claim that it Volos Hospital had no antiserum I let you know that I was personally informed from the start of the information from the NFP that there was an antifungal serum in the fridge, which was confirmed by accountability.

However, the conditions were not met to be done directly, but it was not a panacea to allow it, except in special cases, when the child was charged, but also after a large part of the deliberation (unless there is full evidence of the snake bite). The load is expected to occur within the first 24 hours or later and therefore the child is transferred and stabilized as soon as possible in a higher hospital, more staffed and if necessary in the vicinity of ICU children.

Rarely in children it had to be done serum against serumunless the gravity and dysfunction of his other systems impose it and his life is worse than that, instead of serum. As I said, mortality in children of this class, if they suffer from a snake bite (toxic), is minimal to non-existent.

Anti-serum is not a panacea, as I said before. Some conditions must be met to do this with great caution, because it can even cause fatal reactions and suffocating symptoms. To do this, the child must be transferred to a tertiary hospital, except the pediatrician, anesthetist, pediatrician, angiologist, orthopedic doctor with experience in children, access to the ICU, etc. In medicine and even in pediatrics protocols are based on the latest medical data, knowledge and experience applied.

From the above it is undoubtedly clear that I personally and all colleagues from both pediatrics and other clinics Hospital of Volos we treated the incident with the necessary care, care, responsibility, knowledge, training, experience and without problems. It was immediately diagnosed, treated and stabilized so that it was safely transferred to a competent tertiary hospital.

Unjust, unreasonable, misleading, insulting and slanderously spread in the media inaccuracies and obvious lies, perhaps pushed by others ?? despite the superhuman efforts of all medical staff in the hospital of Volos and the personal interest, medical and human, which we have shown so much for the child as my other colleagues. Otherwise you are totally unjustified in such actions and even 10 days after the event.

Dr. Anastasios-Katsiarandis Anastasia Director of the children's clinic, general hospital of Volos, Achilopoulou.

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