Condemnation by the Council of Europe for attacks by journalists in Lesvos

Announcement of the incident of the journalist of the Agency for Renewable Energy – Stratis Balaska issued the Council of Europe (COE), with its function on the platform that promotes the protection of journalism and the safety of journalists.

The announcement states that "the correspondent of RES-ICS Stratis Balaskas is exposed to online and verbal attacks" and that "life threats, intimidation and incitement to a" punishment he deserves "reached the journalist via Facebook".

As the Union of European Journalists say: "Internet threats were part of a series of threats against Stratis Balaska because of his journalistic work." He was verbally attacked by three men, whom he described as extreme evidence, on his way to the port of Mytilene, Lesvos, on August 12. Then Balaskas was attacked by another man when he carried a fire in the Tsamakia Park.

The announcement also mentions a "complaint about the attacks on local police authorities". While three police officers and an army officer were "arrested for dealing with these joint attacks while a total of about 15 people were accused of them."

Both the European Union and the International Federation of Journalists support Greek journalists, "condemning the coordinated intimidations and threats they face in Lesvos and asking the local authorities to quickly investigate and provide a safe environment for their work. journalists ", concludes the announcement.

The announcement was published following an appeal to the Council to intervene by the Union of European journalists, while also referring to attacks on journalists and public activists from the Golden Dawn.

S. Balaskas received a web attack in recent days on the occasion of a chronological timetable relating to a small underground chapel of the Virgin Mary, which during the interbellum belonged to the houses of tolerance of Mytilini and which were used for their worship by women, Small-Asian refugees in the majority, who are not allowed to go to churches in the other "outer walls" and "as they should".

A coordinated action followed that spread the title of the article online and was only accompanied by comments that were professionally insulted, defamed and condemned. They even called for the moral and physical extermination of the journalist. They even summoned the memory of the reporter's mother.

Three policemen, two of whom were arrested in the context of a car accident, and one soldier, are among those who have launched an online attack on the journalist in recent days.

Other episodes are preceded by the above. In the afternoon of Sunday 12 August, while walking on the waterfront of Mytilini, he was attacked with insults and threats by three strangers who participated in the subduction of the flag in his harbor. The fact was that he even filed a complaint with the local police. On August 15, journalism about the fire in the village hut of Tsamakia, he received a verbal attack from another person, who later verbally attacked him on his personal page on a network of social media.

It is recalled that a three-hour stop at the Lesbos media on Wednesday, in protest of the insults, threats, dangers and attacks that the people of the Lesvos press have recently received of extreme evidence.

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