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Announcement of support for the online attacks by journalist Stratis Balaskas gave the board of directors of the Association of Journalists of Peloponnese of the Epirus Islands (ESHEPIN).

In his announcement, ESHEPIN's administration emphasized that "he was aware of the new extremes of anti-democratic elements in Mytilini aimed at freedom of expression, with the target of journalists who have the right to unhindered information for citizens, with indignation and anger. serve.

This time the target, now known at the beginning of circles, was a member of ESHEPIN, Stratis Balaskas, on the occasion of his article in the newspaper "Embros" and his personal Facebook account ".

The board of directors of ESIFEV expresses its growing concern about the safety of journalists and SME employees, as the growing popularity of a dragon of intolerant, fanatical and fascist perceptions is not enough for online defamation but now invites public acts of violence against those who are the target of their unseen views ".

The board of directors of ESHEPIN calls on the judiciary and the prosecutor to "resist the circumstances and apply legality to Mytilene, which is part of the Greek state and for which the Constitution of Greece and the laws of the country apply without exception. "

It also calls on the headquarters of Lesvos to "stop lawlessness now according to the legislation in force, and also to investigate with the internal procedures offered when its employees are involved in illegal activities".

Finally, the board of ESHEPIN emphasized in its statement that "it will not allow anti-democratic and fascist structures to intimidate information officers and in any case to stand up to any attempt at direct or indirect procrastination of information officers".

"The challenges do not bother anyone, on the contrary, they make us stronger, those who bow at the end will be the enemies of information, legality and democracy," the announcement concludes.

The online attack on the journalist

According to the news agency of Athens, three police officers, two of whom were arrested in the context of a car accident, and one soldier, an online attack on the journalist, the correspondent of the Agency for Renewable Energy in the northern Aegean, Stratis Balaska, launched.

On August 16th, on the occasion of the 2015 journalist chronograph of the newspaper "MYTILINE" EMPROS, which was re-published in a medium for social networks, Stratis Balaskas received an online attack without exception. The chronology referred to a small underground chapel of the Virgin Mary, which was between the Houses of Miletus between the wars and was used for their worship by women, Little Asiatic refugees in the majority who could not go to the other "outside the walls" and "as it should be" churches. The chronological record was based on historical sources and a research by a journalist that is actively engaged in local history issues, in particular with the history of the Little Asiatic refugees on Lesvos.

A coordinated action followed that spread the title of the article online and was only accompanied by comments that were professionally insulted, defamed and condemned. They even called for the moral and physical extermination of the journalist. They even summoned the memory of the reporter's mother.

Other episodes are preceded by the above. In the afternoon of Sunday 12 August, while walking on the waterfront of Mytilini, he was attacked with insults and threats by three strangers who participated in the subduction of the flag in his harbor. The fact was that he even filed a complaint with the local police. On August 15, journalism about the fire in the village hut of Tsamakia, he received a verbal attack from another person, who later verbally attacked him on his personal page on a network of social media.

However, it is not the only time that Lesbian journalists have been attacked during their work. Their actions are indeed considered unmanageable, because the accusations against them and their general activity are governed by justice with a characteristic slowness. Keep in mind that many of the participants in this group are screened last April for very serious acts related to migrant incidents, but that the case is still at the preliminary investigation stage.

Last May, a petition was filed by the Department of Editors of the Daily Newspapers of the Peloponnese, Epirus and Islands (ESHEPIN) of the Department of the North Aegean along with all the evidence of the alleged action, but the preparatory investigation is still ongoing. not started.

It should be noted that a policeman was arrested in the context of a car accident on Saturday evening after Stratis Balaska's lawsuit, which was excused and released, but a few hours later he returned to prosecution, slander and threats. An additional suit was submitted today on Monday, when the policeman was arrested for the second time and apologized.

Total suspects in the case, who emphasize the extent of the problem, are three police officers and an army officer. An administrative investigation was ordered against the three police officers to investigate the crimes they had committed.

In total, the internet attack on the journalist has been prosecuted to prosecute 15 people.

Statement by Stratis Balaska

"Last Sunday, August 12, in the port of Mytilene, I was attacked by a group of extremists who came back from the famous flag of the flag, who in the meantime taunted and threatened me, even during the fire in the forest of Tsamakia on the day of Panagia. , another extreme right that happened to be there, he was very happy with the time of my work, and he screamed that I cover the "footprints" and "I get them from the NGOs". couple of hours later on Facebook and called me "thickening …" and "tomato".

I think that at some point the verbal physical or online attacks will go to the level of attempted physical extermination of one of us all. Mytilini operates an organized battalion, a gang that is upgraded every day and its members are especially spoiled by impunity. From our first goals we have ALL people of information.

Our interventions in justice at the level of Lesvos prove to be slow in contrast to our neighboring Chios, while I feel that their progress is prevented by an invisible veil of protection from this gang. About three and four months after our reports to the prosecutor after the show we did, and in fact nothing has been done yet.

Do we expect the entire situation to arrest the hand of a fanatic? Should we wait for one of us or one of those whose fanatic think they are enemies of Right to WORK DIRECTLY? What else needs to be done on the island to understand that there is also a democratic cause and that its institutions are defended by voting extremely? "

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