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Mobilization of the demand for "immediate and sensible measures" to relieve the affected people and to relocate their areas of the deadly fire in Attica, in the afternoon, fire victims residents of Rafina and Marathon, who protest in the House and hand over a memorandum to the President of the House and the parties. A similar memorandum was also submitted to the Attica region.

The mobilization was organized by the Committee of the Fiery inhabitants of Rafina-Marathon with the involvement of the victims and the starting point (at 6 pm) of the Solidarity Steak in the bus. Marathon. Demonstrators flourished with the arrival of new ones from the following attitudes, but also with the presence of solidarity citizens in the peloton. Constitution. The purpose of the mobilization was to submit a memo with the request "the effective recovery of the victims and the prevention of such phenomena", since the announced "not enough to the minimum" to meet the needs of the unsuspecting tragedy of 23 July.

"The residents of the Marathon and Rafina areas have the duty to take matters into our hands and claim our lives without being misled by half lengths and promises that are forgotten the next day", says Georg Logotheti, member of the Committee.

"The Eye is a dead city, we see every day and we count the losses … The camps where our fellow men are temporarily housed will close soon, immediate action is necessary to continue with some regularity and certainly a holistic plan to turn the region back ", Ms. Logotheti emphasized. In this connection: "we have called on the boards of directors of clubs, trade unions and other mass media in our municipalities to co-sign the text of the committee's requests and to submit the claims in writing in a massive representation in the House and the region."

In the Attica region, the members of the committee, accompanied by the head of the regional club "Volksclub" Yannis Manousogiannakis, met the regional governor Rena Dourou. The meeting was attended by the deputy regional heads of Attica, Petros Filippou, Christos Kapatas, Evi Apostolaki and Panagiotis Athanasiadis.

As far as the memorandum is concerned, the Commission identifies a series of requests of an economic nature, as well as immediate legal and bureaucratic facilitating measures for the reconstruction of housing and the immediate rehabilitation of infrastructure. The state has also been called upon to cover the shortcomings, support for professionals, students, etc.

In particular, the context of the requests relates to the following problems:

  • Direct compensation of residents and professionals up to 100% of the damage and rehabilitation permit without legal impediments.
  • Safe housing and hygiene measures for those who can not stay home and can pay rent subsidies to those who need it.
  • Direct rehabilitation of infrastructure and connection at no cost to consumers, water and telephone networks.
  • Immediate treatment of the shortcomings in forest protection and fire fighting, protection of the pine forest and cleaning of affected areas by branches and other fuel, under the responsibility of the state.
  • Studies and measurements for projects for flood defense and potential contamination of soil and groundwater.
  • Free healthcare and support for the health centers of Rafina and N. Makris with permanent staff.
  • Construction of modern settlements under the responsibility of the state to meet the needs of the people.
  • Exempt from people affected by municipal taxes and workers and support professionals who have lost their jobs.
  • Freezing debts to tax authorities, NFIA, OTA, banks etc.
  • Support for students of the third year for their admission to universities.
  • Fire card for free transport by public transport and free for one year.
  • Unrecognized account, which in addition to government support will also include gifts from friends to the value of the house.

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