Creepy details of the alleged kidnapper

With heavy accusations, 34-year-old Lamia, who was arrested on Saturday after an Interpol signal for raping a 40-year-old Frenchman, will apologize to Askrania on Friday 21 September 2018.

The 34-year-old asked for a new deadline for his apology, because the public prosecutor's note was "constantly and not often" added to the original malevolent class of rape, but the rape category "stayed and not often"!

The cause of Lamia's two women, who literally "burns" in 34 years, describes situations far worse than those of the 40-year-old French woman who was reportedly "imprisoned" at the suspect home.

Juvenile rape and gun threat!

One of the two "new" victims of the 34-year-old, raped rape openly for 34 years before she even completed 18 years of her life. After the first time she threatened to bother her around the world, and in this way she was forced to succumb to his sick games, including bindings and mouth bites.

She did not hesitate for a moment to threaten her with a gun on her head, something that had frightened the young woman, who feared her own safety when she testified of something. "… he drew a gun, armed it and touched it on my head and told me that no one would find me, then he raped me the way he did every time I went to his house."

He tied her handcuff and put it in the trunk

Even more are the descriptions of terrible scenes in the case of the other Lamiotissa, who had been linked to the defendants since their Lyceum years. Since 2006 they have confirmed that their & # 39; love & # 39; until recently remained in September, because he used the threat of distraction.

The girl describes scenes of utter violence that she had experienced in the home of the accused in Lamia and at home on an island when she worked in the army. "Now you say I raped you, nobody will believe you, you only came here," was one of the most prominent statements of the 34-year-old who convinced his victims not to reveal where they were walking past. In a case where they met for an explanation outside the house, she hit her and tied her handcuffs before she threw herself into the suitcase to take her to the garage of his house.

The slaves and the master

His intention to make slaves of them and become their master. "In Europe there are some women who are slaves and the husband their husband, they wear a collar and they can only get it if their master decides," he told them.

Many of the 34-year-old's sick habits were first described by police officers and 40-year-old French. "He told me that if I cried, he would kill me, I asked him calmly what he wanted and he told me that you would not go back to France and that you were all mine, he melted me and he slept without touching me.

He showed me the room and told me that you have come to your new prison, you are imprisoned here. I told him I did not want to stay there, then he laid my hands again, this time, the ankles, closed my mouth and my eyes and left. & # 39;

It is an indication that the three testimonies describe contradictory behavior of the suspect, who turned a sweet companion into a sadist, but who did not hesitate to reach the edges to force his victim to collapse completely.

What the 34-year-old mother says

From the beginning, the 34-year-old claimed that whatever he accused of the French was in the context of their erotic play, and her complaint was due to her disagreement that there was a third person in their relationship.

"Probably because my son did not want her, she told her, wanted to avenge her in some way", were the words of her 34-year-old mother who spoke with Tasoula Papanikolaou from the Star of Athens (see video here)

The line of defense does not seem to change – at least at first – and after the two Greek women's statements. That they had a more advanced relationship with their consensus and that they reached this point is the result of rejection and jealousy for the 24-year-old.

The statements of his lawyer, Dimitris Kroupis, immediately after the new deadline they took to apologize:

The 24-year-old companion

The 24-year-old was apologized to Askreria on Tuesday afternoon, who agreed with the lawyer's view to be released into the regular lawsuit and without any restrictive conditions.

As the Freestyle Psyllou lawyer argued, the little girl did not realize that the & # 39; guest & # 39; her friend was stuck or dumb, while she had no complaints about her behavior and she did this with her permission but without extreme behavior:


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