Crete SPORTS FM 87.6 – Thessaloniki: a dead man who fell on a terrace ||| Thessaloniki: a dead person fell in an atrium of an apartment building


There is speculation that he slipped in his attempt to climb to the terrace – Other tools were found in a bag next to him.

Tragic death was found by a young man on Saturday night when he fell on a patio of an apartment building in the center of Thessaloniki.

So far, the identity of the victim is unknown, just like the circumstances of the incident.

In addition to the corpse, other tools were found in a bag, which had taken place a little earlier than a roof on the sixth floor, the tenant told the police.

It is speculated that he slipped in his attempt to climb to the roof.

At the time of the accident, an ambulance from the EKAB was rushed, but the man had already arrived.

A fire brigade tries to pull the fat man of the unhappy man in a while.


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