Crime to Philopappou: Five days before the death of the 25-year-old, the perpetrators had "replicated"

Images documented by a raid made by the three perpetrators of the attack on the unfortunate 25-year-old student Nicolas Moustakas and his 23-year-old friend from Portugal come to light a few hours after the capture of the two Pakistani and minor Iraqis.

It took five days for the robbery to take place at the expense of the 25-year-old student and his girlfriend in the evening of August 15, when the same gang had once again "beaten" in the area of ​​Philopappou. And according to the police, the three arrested are at least left behind, with firearms, near the Acropolis and Philopappou.

The documentary images, which are already in the hands of the police, are brought to light by Sunday's Free Press. They are the documents of the attack on tourists from Germany, who were on the hill of Philopappou to enjoy the view.

Victims of this attack were two German tourists. It was 22:00 on the evening of 10th August, when the two Pakistani and the 17-year-old Iraqi, accused of the theft that led to the unfortunate death of Nikos Moustakas, were found in Philopappou in search of their victims.

The attack was in the same place as the 25-year-old student. Only a few meters from the edge of the cliff.

The three perpetrators suddenly appeared behind the two Germans sitting on the rock. They pulled them and dragged them to the ground. Their goal was one of the two girls, because her friend had no bag or other valuables with her. The tourist who had a handbag with him resisted.

Photo free press

She tries to keep her handbag in which she had mobile phones, passports and personal belongings from the two women. The perpetrators were beaten around her and pulled her bag in anger.

The 17-year-old arrested was the one who tried to pull her bag from her hands. The 25-year-old held her hands and the 28-year-old stood beside him and saw how the scene seemed to be a policeman.

As the report from the Free Press reports, 28-year-old Pakistani even wears the same blouse she wore five days later in the attack on 25-year-old Nicolas Mucinas and 23-year-old Natalia.

While her girlfriend struggled to keep her bag, the second German tourist picked up her cell phone or a camera to capture the moment of the attack. In her statement she told police officers that this was an instinctive move to scare the perpetrators.

And it seems that her move forced the perpetrators to speed up their movements. The Iraqi perpetrator leaves the woman's hands and tries to leave. At that moment she finds the opportunity to hit the actor who keeps packing her bag.

At the same time, the perpetrator who made debts of a coriander has been avoided and his accomplices seem to be calling to leave. But the Iraqi, who was free in restrictive conditions, insisted on pulling the tourist bag. With a surprising movement, the actor picks up the bag and all three flights.

Photo free press

Immediately the two tourists report the police and the German embassy. After the attack the two women went to the police station of the Acropolis and gave detailed information about what they had lived. They gave a description of the perpetrators and photographic documents.

The pictures made by the tourists were among those shown by police officers to his 23-year-old friend, Nicolas Moustakas. She unconditionally recognized the two of the three perpetrators.

"I wanted to rob"

On Monday (27.08.2018) the three arrested are taken to the investigator. They are being prosecuted at a level of murder for murder on purpose, serial burglary, illegal artillery and gang formation.

In their statements, policemen refuse to push the unhappy 25-year-old into a vacancy. They claim they threatened to rob him, and he stumbled and fell. "I had a broken bottle of beer in my hands, I threatened the man and asked him for his money and his cell phone He told me he did not, I did not push him It's not my fault that he fell. it only took a step back, I went for the robbery, "said the 28-year-old Pakistani.

According to Alpha's central bulletin, the two Pakistanis arrested in Eidomeni last night had twice tried to flee Greece from Skopje while they tried a third, but arrested them!

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