Dangers in Europe of populist forms that again touch the boundaries of Nazism

The dangers to Europe and the world through the re-emergence of "populist forms that again touch the borders of Nazism" and the necessity of their "decisive" and "effective" and its peoples, underlined the President of the Republic, Prokopis Pavlopoulos, in his speech during the celebrations for the 74th anniversary of the Holocaust Holocaust.

"We have to recognize the consequences of" ideologies "that lead to" inhumanity "and" wrath "and actually preach against hatred against man," said mr. Pavlopoulos. He added that the unthinkable & # 39; ideologies & # 39; are like Nazism and referred to the guilt of democratic Europe.

"Together we have to deal with the forms of populism, which again touch the boundaries of Nazism before they degrade the European structure and fight for the unity of Europe to deepen European construction and its foundations."

"We must never believe that the dangers have passed, neither in our country, nor in our Europe, nor in the whole world," continued Mr. Pavlopoulos, making a brief reference to the wars in the wider region and the refugee flows that create and indirectly criticize countries that refuse to "do their own". He also referred to the way this & # 39; extremely dangerous & # 39; Forms exploit, deceive, popular discomfort through policies that broaden social inequalities.

"Policy that leads to dramatic inequalities must be stopped, policies that lead to the collapse of the welfare state, policies that jeopardize social cohesion, and that is the duty of us all in Europe," said the President of the Republic.

Mr. Pavlopoulos stressed that the holocaust Holocaust's birthday is a "memory and doctrine" day, a reminder of the atrocities of the Nazis and their victims, as well as the teaching of a constant "watchfulness of conscience" against the repetition of such crimes, in what form and under what "lion" and as the "enemies of democracy" appear in the future, in Europe and the world.

Mr Pavlopoulos focused in particular on the need to "defend the social legal order within the EU" and "to remove the causes", in particular the "intense social inequality" which gives rise to such phenomena.

"It is therefore crucial to defend the social state of justice within the European Union," added Pavlopoulos and added:

"We Greeks, who recently experienced a major economic – and not only – crisis, are well aware of the value of the Social State of Justice and we are prepared to defend it against those who oppose its necessity."

At the same time, the President of the Republic pointed out that we were in the context of the Holy Remembrance & # 39; of the victims of Nazism – far from any logic of retribution – and the need not to repeat such atrocities in the future, the & # 39; legitimate claims & # 39; from our country to Germany "For the remuneration loan and the general damage of the German Nazi occupation", which is "always legally active" and "legally enforceable". A position that, as Mr Pavlopoulos said, is "literally national and therefore non-negotiable".

The president of the republic referred to the history of the tragedy, which resulted in the extermination of 147 residents of Chortiatis, including 109 women and girls, killed with inhumane torture. Others executed and lit them, others moved in and burned them alive, women were raped while the whole village was burned, about three hundred houses were delivered to the fire. Mr. Pavlopoulos underlined that the Holocaust was carried out by "German soldiers and men of the Fryz Schubert" ("Jagdkommando Schubert"), who arrived in Hortiatis with about twenty chimneys – after a fire received earlier that morning the resistance of ELAS, two cars & # 39; s, a German – on September 2, 1944, and they surrounded the settlement.

"… After gathering, in the central square, of the residents they found, they began to plunder and fire the houses, then they brought many residents to the house of Evangelos Daboudes and burned them alive, while those who met for the cafeteria of their square closed in the bakery of Stefanos Gouramanis During their transfer one of the men of Schubert played a happy end in the violin After they had closed them in the oven, the men of Schubert set up a machine gun and they started shooting from a doorway, then they set on fire to burn alive, those who had not been killed by the gunpowder burst … ".

Pavlopoulos said that "the 74th anniversary of the Holocaust Holocaust is a day of remembrance and education", recalling that "in 1998 the Hortiatis massacre was recognized as" martyrdom ", with Presidential Decree No. 399 & # 39;

"Especially the memory of the cruel crime of Nazi atrocities and the martyrdom of their victims", said Pavlopoulos and continued: "But also education, in the sense that the torturous death of so many human souls teaches us that we need to be constantly alert to the consciousness, so that crimes against humanity are not committed again. & # 39;

"In this context of sacred remembrance – and far from any logic of retaliatory actions wholly foreign to us, the Greeks – we also include the legitimate claims against Germany on the occupation credit and the general compensation of the German Nazi occupation" underlined the President of the Republic and added:

"As I have repeatedly pointed out, our above claims are always legally active – meaning that there is no limitation – and legally enforceable, and our common European legal culture requires such a decision to have a competent judicial forum based on the fully applicable international law, which is now literally a national and therefore not negotiable. "

When he arrived at the monument for the fugitives, the president of the republic led and spoke with members of resistance groups who had concentrated on the event.

The president of the republic addressed the mayor of Pilea-Chortiatis Ignatios Kaitetzidis. After his greeting, the President of the Republic laid down a wreath and attributed prizes to the victims of Nazism.

Earlier, the president of the republic was present at the commemoration he had heard at the ICU. from St. George in Chortiatis.

After the events he left for the monastery of Panagia Chortaitissa in Chortiatis.

On the occasion of the 74th anniversary of the Holocaust Holocaust, the government was represented by the Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy Socrates Famellos, while the Deputy Minister of the Interior (Macedonia and Thrace) Katerina Notopoulou, the deputies G. Amanatidis, T Metafidis, D. Marda, Goulekas, Th. Karaoglou, S. Anastasiadis, G. Arvanitidis, former Minister N. Paraskevopoulos, the chairman of the WSSD Lazaros Kyrizoglou, the President of the Jewish Community of Thessaloniki David Saltiel, mayors of the urban complex, the commander of the 3rd SS, representatives of the security forces, the church, agencies, etc.

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