€ 1 million against the state for the crash of the PEN helicopter in China


The parents of co-pilot Constantine Panana seek compensation for psychological problems by denouncing that the helicopter that crashed in February 2016 was in a "suicide mission".

In the morning of 11 February 2016, the news that the "Agusta Bell" crash of the Navy in China collapsed by killing three officers, public opinion froze, but so far little evidence of the accident has shed light publicity. The official finding took responsibility for the wind … General Wind, excluding the possibility of mechanical damage or human error, but the parents of one of the victims dragged the state to the civil courts, and demanded an amount of one million euros as compensation for mental suffering.

With their treatment unveiled by ET on Sunday, his father and his co-pilot on the fatal flight, Constantine Panana, turn against the "Greek state" and condemn the criminal errors that led to the crash of the helicopter. They talk about the indifference of the state institutions to act legally to ensure the safety of the crew and to demand compensation for the shock that, as they say, "we suffered when we discovered that it was the lamp of life of our only son at only 33 of a man, objective with excellent performance, his leadership skills, his professional training, his moral skills, his technocratic perception, the future of the navy. "

In the treatment they emphasize that they see their child sleep almost every night and that they are in an unfavorable psychological state because of their unexpected loss, which is now being treated with powerful antidepressants. "With our son there has always been a special love and deep connection.As parents we have charmed and looked to the future by dreaming about him, his career, the family and the grandchildren who would make us." The parents of the unhappy officer asking for compensation of each half a million euros.

"Because of his death, we have suffered irreparable mental shocks and spiritual suffering, have the right of the accused to demand payment of money because of mental distress, which, given the circumstances of the death of our child, the closeness we had with him, the The suspect's financial status and the degree of affinity with the deceased amount to € 500,040 for each of the claimants, according to the circumstances, "says Panayiotis and Anna Panana.

He had lost contact before

The lawsuits contain extracts from the findings of the Piraeus prosecutor and the ED, and even the helicopter crew talks to the frigate "NIKIFOROS FOKAS" to which he was awarded as part of the "Astrapi" exercise. As is known, the fatal helicopter had previously lost contact with the frigate for 20 minutes.

"In particular, as mentioned on page 12 of the report, the following was mentioned from the discussion of the fateful helicopter E / Π ΠΝ-28: (1)" 01: 53:45 KIMON 28: FROM THE KIMON 28 LOOKING LOOKING WITH THE HOLIDAY TO REMOVE YOUR LAST YEAR "(2)" 02: 13:21 […] KIMON 28: YELLOW 28 DOES NOT CONTACT THE ASSOCIATION VEHICLE IN ASTRAIO 4 AND I'M GOING TO THE AFAD NAGENOORD, NORTH NOORDWEST ASTIPALAIA RABBIT: TAKE "From the above it follows that the communication between helicopter and frigate" NIKIFOROS FOKAS "was not safe and the commander of the frigate had to command the immediate return of the NN-28, but had not done it in any way, regardless of the safety of the crew. " It is then reported that the helicopter contacted at 02.17 hours with the frigate that moved from the south to the east coast of Amorgos. "Re-imagined surface at 02:23" east coast of Amorgos clear estimated north and west coast may be something, I continue. "This was also the last communication of the radar of" NIKIFOROS FOKAS "with the deadly helicopter".

The parents of Constantine Panana, who have appointed an accident expert, claim that the head of the exercise "literally" sent a suicide mission "the fatal helicopter", since a permanent order provides for the limited use of AB-21 helicopters. at night, for missions on the high seas to save missions and with the strict requirement that excellent weather conditions are prohibited, therefore for their use on shore. "

However, the order was ignored, according to the plaintiffs. "The behavior of the frigate governor" NIKIFOROS FOKAS "… was criminally negligent …, who, although he knew that the seven (7) or eight (8) highlights did not allow the PN-28 helicopter flight, since it is known that the old AB-212, like the ill-fated helicopter in question, could not withstand a windy wind of more than six beauty commanded to take off for the operation of the company. "The responsibility of K. Panana's parents is that they also the commander of the Frigate Group and the commander of the helicopter because he did not follow the order to fly overland.

"In fact, on pages 4 and 5 of the report of the Piraeus prosecutor's office, the following is stated:" … The commander of the Hellenic navy (deputy head of T. Toulitsis) asked the radar or one of the islands of his route was simulated as a heterochrom, ie regarded as hostile. Then the manager spoke … and said to him: "They are all friends, but that does not mean you have to change," said the E / P leader, "this is the intention." Consequently, the deputy commander and governor of the ill-fated helicopter, Toulites Anastasios, was instructed and warned not to go over an island. & # 39;

The unfavorable weather conditions, the limited possibilities of Agusta Bell and the poor communication with the frigate "Nikiforos Fokas" made this mission unaffordable, according to the lawyer of Konstantinos Pananas & # 39; parents, Yannis Marakakis. "The naval officers knew very well that this type of helicopter was intended for a very specific type of flight and only if the weather conditions were good.

The mission of this type of helicopter with out-of-specification flight plans, especially dangerous weather conditions, which were already known to the navy prior to the takeover of the helicopter, make this order criminal, which is why we take it for granted. are ", says Marakakis on the" ET "of Sunday.

He did not meet his son

Twelve days after the accident, the wife of the unhappy co-pilot Marianna brought her second child to the world, who never met his father but got his name, with Minister Panos Kammenos, Minister of Defense. Konstantinos Pananas junior grows with the unlimited love of the family of his mother, the priest of his grandfather and his uncle, Yannis and Panayiotis Zafeiris. By presidential decree the rank of vice-admiral was awarded to captains Toulitzis and Panana and the rank of captain Lefteris Evangelos, who perished at the time of their duty, and two people from each family were given the opportunity to be appointed state.

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