Elections 2019: Candidates Regional Governors with Southwest Support – All Names

In the last line for the candidates to be nominated by ND in regional elections is the opposition party.

This is expected to happen in the last ten days of September and the discussions and consultations to block names in the 13 regions are in the final phase.

In the Attica region, the mayor of Peristeri, Andreas Pachatouridis, has been given the lead, who also met Kyriakos Mitsotakis. For the same region, except for the municipality of Athens, George Patoulis has shown interest, but he does not have the same opportunities.

Certainly the nominations of Apostolos Tzitzikostas in Central Macedonia and Kostas Agorastos in Thessaly are certainly being considered. The two current regional governors are being re-nominated because they are expected to have completed their jobs in their region and their re-election is very likely. The same applies to the regional governor of Epirus Alekos Kakrimanis. Indeed, after the immediate reaction of Piraeus, with disciplinary measures against ND executives who are preparing to support another nomination in Epirus, the climate has normalized.

In ND they put special emphasis on regional elections, because they believe that this fight is also a political struggle. The goal is to win in all regions & # 39; s, even if it feels difficult, there are executives who claim that "it is a win that can be won". The importance they attach to Piraeus was emphasized by Kyriakos Mitsotakis itself during the press conference at the TIF. "In the regional elections, ND will support specific people and combinations Why self-government is a crucial part of our program," was the report from the head of the Blue Battalion.

In the Peloponnese, the candidacy of the current mayor of Kalamata Panayiotis Nikas is reportedly blocked. His candidacy was approved by Piraeus after the normalization of his relations with Antonis Samaras, a subject that was reportedly discussed at yesterday's meeting with the former prime minister with Kyriakos Mitsotakis in parliament. It is also expected that Mr. Samaras will give his opinion on the candidate of the party on the Peloponnese.

In South Aegean, the current regional governor George Hatzimarkos was elected ND and is expected to re-nominate at the main opposition party. In the Ionian Sea, according to information, a blue-blooded candidate agronomist Kostas Karvounis will be.

Questionnaires are the North Aegean and Crete regions. In the first district, Head of State, Christina Kalogirou, was elected with the ND and everything seems to be willing to be a new candidate, without being excluded from the surprise and the support of the main opposition, together with KINAL, would journalist Stamatis wanting to have Malay, which would symbolize the enlargement of Piraeus to the center. As far as Crete is concerned, in Piraeus they have considered the possibility of supporting the arrival of PASOK, now the regional governor, Stavros Arnaoutakis. However, this presupposes that he does not accept the support of SYRIZA, who flirts like Mr Arnaoutakis.

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