Eleven deaths from the West Nile virus

Another six people died of West Nile Virus last week, bringing the total number of deaths to 11. According to the latest data from HCDCP, 107 cases of infection were recorded from the beginning of 2018 to 22 August.

According to the Center's weekly bulletin, 88 out of a total of 107 outbreaks had manifestations of the central nervous system (CNS, encephalitis and / or meningitis and / or acute relaxed paralysis) and 19 had mild manifestations (febrile illness). The median age of patients with CNS manifestations is 71 years (range: 11-94 years).

HCDCP expects further diagnoses of new outbreaks in the coming period and it is likely that the incidence of the virus infection and other geographical areas outweighs the already recorded.

It is noted that our country has registered business in various settlements, in the regional units of Western Attica, Viotia, Thessaloniki, Central Athens, North Athens, Euboea, Imathia, Piraeus and islands, Pella, Korinthia, Kilkis and Rethymnon. "It is expected that new outbreaks will be diagnosed in the near future (and in view of the awareness of health professionals) and it is likely that cases of infection with the NF virus and other geographical areas will occur," HCDCP notes.

Patoulis asks for a national action plan to tackle the virus

National action plan "to address the Western Nile virus crisis", emphasized the president of the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece (KEDE) and the Athena Medical Association (YPE), George Patoulis, that "public health is at risk".

Mr. Patoulis expresses his deep concern about the latest HCDCP figures and reports that the number of deaths has increased to 11, the virus has spread to 42 regions and 107 cases have been registered by the end of May, most are in Attica.

It also underlines the major concerns of the World Health Organization for the increasing number of cases of this disease, with Greece being the third in the list of European countries with problems (Serbia, Italy, Greece).

According to Mr. Patoulis, HCDCP data, "they break the arguments of the Attica region and the Ministry of Health that they have acted correctly, effectively and directly".

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