Family drama in Heraklion: 49-year-old in Amok killed his father

Cold running in Peristeri

in family tragedy the incident evolved that, earlier on Thursday evening, confused an entire neighborhood Kaminia of Heraklion, when the son wounded him with a knife his elderly father the latter being transferred to the hospital.

Unfortunately, as reported by, the 80-year-old father succumbed to the injuries his son had suffered shortly after his transfer to the hospital in charge …

There doctors literally topped him by making superhuman efforts, but because of the seriousness of his wounds in the chest, he was unable to stay alive. Indeed, as the police source said, the knife that the son used was a large kitchenette.

the 49 years old, already imprisoned by Direct Action and known to the authorities as a drug user, was kept up to this morning at the autopsy, as yesterday, as the information says, was again involved in a family episode. The morning was released and his father was killed last night …

According to police sources, the actor was arrested yesterday in the context of self-help because he had shown the unfortunate elderly.

The process of self-employment was normally enforced, went to the public prosecutor and was released. A few hours later the fatal accident happened in

The case recalls the tragic case of the drug addict who was released on restrictive conditions and subsequently stabbed in the heart of her Albanian neighbor in the Yofiro area.

The incident caused a turmoil in the area with residents talking about the unfortunate old retired painter talking about a very good man.


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