FAZ: "The young Odysseus of Greece"

"Profitable Alexis Tsipras, after a long wandering, has once again led his country out of the programs of lenders – this message sends his voters, but there are still many problems," writes the German Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in an article entitled "The New Odysseus of Greece ".

"The Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras loves symbolic apparitions and his television broadcast at the end of the third rescue program was handed over to Ithaca, against the backdrop of the sea … With the appearance in Ithaca, Tsipras sends the message that it is the Odysseus of Greece, who after many bumps led the country to the destination, at the same time he approached himself and his country again in Europe after he had spoken on an island near Italy, rather than on the eastern edge of Adalja ", writes FAZ.

The German newspaper stressed that "Tsipra's symbolic language was still very different shortly after his election in 2015: with an anti-German and anti-European vote he offered flowers to a monument where the German Nazi occupants had Greeks. In the end he came to power through a protest vote against the reformist checks of euro zone lenders, behind whom – as the Greeks believed and according to Tsipra's election speech – the tough hand of Angela Merkel … In the meantime they are not heard many anti-European tons, because Tsipras, even at the last minute in August 2015, understood that he had to stay in EMU for the rescue of Greece and was dependent on new loans from the European partners.This meant rejection of the adventurous projects of the left-wing members of SYRIZA and the then Minister of Finance, Yannis Varoufakis … Now, three years later, Alexis Tsipras seems to be a more political ider. He avoids high tones in his speeches and has removed cabinet speakers from SYRIZA, who initially appeared as "champions in organizing demonstrations". "With Chancellor A. Merkel, Tsipras naturally developed a good working relationship, mainly because of the special Greek needs of the refugee." With regard to the northern neighbors, FYROM, but also Albania and Bulgaria, Tsipras was able to show the diplomatic profile, to such an extent that special relations with Russia could be broken, "FAZ estimates.

The German newspaper states that "the turnaround of today's 44-year-old Tsipra into a realistic politician and his guiding gestures hide many contradictions, and in the autumn of 2014, before his first election victory, Tsipras promised Greek debt mowers, special investment programs. outside of the Stability Pact or a minimum wage of 751 euros per month Today, the old program is part of a dream world, for which still left radical left-wing allies from Greece, along with whom the young civil engineer Alexis Tsipras, then secretary of the youth of the coalition, the SYRIZA founded versatile movement ".

"The faithful followers of Tsipras now see him as the representative of a social-democratic policy, and, as they say, no one believed that Greece would come out of the redevelopment program, but now the government has more room." In September, Tsipras will announce tax cuts. and in particular a reduction in the ENFA, lower insurance contributions, support for the poor, return to collective bargaining and a higher minimum wage In his opinion, and in the economic world, Tsipras goes back to the old promises of 2014 without being serious solved in the years in which Greece has faced problems: such as the limited investments of the companies or the constant minds of the administration, the German newspaper reports.

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