Fight with the fiery fronts in Ilia

The battle against the flames on two fronts is still given by the fire brigades in Ilia. After the fire broke out early in the Monday morning in a forest area in the village of Dafniotissa, a second front appeared between the areas Geraki and Analipsi.

After the night battle the picture is better and there are no threats for this time. The ally is the weather, because no strong winds blow.

A forest area near the village of Dafniotissa burns on the forehead, 30 vehicles with 90 firefighters and three walking troops are in operation.

Meanwhile, a new fire is underway between the Geraki and Analipsi areas, which, according to Mayor Ildas, Christos Christodoulopoulos, seems "to be controlled, in contrast to the area around Dafniotissa where we almost had four gunfights at the same time.

There are 50 firefighters with 25 vehicles and a group of walkers, but it was valuable on Monday afternoon for the contribution of air-borne resources to prevent the fire from spreading.

At the same time, the road to the village of Analipsi remains closed, while the Ascension Monastery is not in danger, until the hour, unless the direction of the wind changes direction.

The vulnerable groups have been removed

In the village of Dafniotissa the fire brigade had previously proposed preventive removal of vulnerable groups, with the mayor of the area confirming the partial evacuation, stating that the village is not in danger, because the fire front has the opposite direction.

"Our biggest concern is the fire that burns in a forest area so as not to threaten the residential area, there are strong Powers of Fire," he said.

The local actors speak for arson

The arson scenario is what the local actors dominate, according to the local media, who doubt the fact that the new front erupted in the immediate vicinity of the first.

At the same time they note that it can not be a coincidence that last year, at the same time, there was a fire in the area. However, as the mayor states, "it is a forest that was not burned during the 2007 fires".

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