Fire department for eye: No ED only good for comment fireman

It refuses, according to a statement, the website on firefighting of the site, which refers to the implementation of a junior lawsuit against firefighters who reportedly report and comment on social media, both against the Minister of National Defense, Panos Kammenou and government officials. related to the management of the catastrophic fire in Mati Attica.

As he points out, "no sworn administrative overview on this subject is being carried out".

The Bureau, however, clarifies that a certain fireman who participated in the extinguishing of the fire in the east of Attica and immediately thereafter raised his profile on a social media network with this experience, but was not summoned in the SAD, was excused and fined, in violation of the status of the headquarters of the Chamber, did not apply for the permit and was not placed in public.

In her statement on this subject, the Evi Christofilopoulou Interior and Civil Protection Officer states: "Venezuela has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for firefighters because they have questioned Maduro, and in Greece disciplinary proceedings are being started by firefighters for giving their opinion on the resources of social media! And a fine is imposed on a firefighter who publicly expresses his fear after he has fought the flames in Mati. & # 39;

According to Christofilopoulos, "in Greece the posts of firefighters are followed where orders for ED are given!

The agreements are not accidental. It is clear that SYRIZANEL wondered the Maduro's glory!

We urge them to stop the SAD immediately.

In the Movement of Change we will exhaust all legitimate forms of control over government domination inside and outside the Parliament! "Concludes the responsible Interior and Civil Protection at KIN.AL.

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