Fire in the Eye: this is the new video document

A few days after the video, of a home security camera in Dao Pentelis, which had been recorded at the moment the fire broke out, another came to light. And this time from the Kathimerini newspaper.

It is a video from the same security camera. The delayed reaction document resulted in the fire reaching the sea within minutes, due to the very strong winds that were going on in Attica that day.

From the beginning of the fire until the first fire engines reach the point, 50 minutes take place. From 16:41 that according to the video the fire broke out, the first extinguishing vehicle, which appears to belong to the volunteers, appears at 17:34 hours, 53 minutes later.

The new video and photos from a private security camera published by Kathimerini show that the first voluntary fire truck, a red truck equipped with a tank with limited capacity, appeared on site at 17.34, and while the fire was already "elongated" "was to the Pantokrator monastery.

A few minutes earlier, at 5:21 pm, & # 39; caught & # 39; the camera a patrol of Instant Action or Trafficking to get past the spot. After a while the patrol came back, followed by four five chariots. One of the possible scenarios is that the patrol team must help the car drivers to get out of the area safely.

At 17.35 and 17.40 hours on the road in front of the house with the security camera appeared two waterfalls without distinction from the fire brigade and it is most likely considered as voluntary water transport vehicles or local government.

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