Fleet of Energa was released because of "epileptic seizures" – after only 19 months

He was released for health reasons, after only 18 months, Aristide (Aris) Floros, one of those who had been convicted of the blackmail of energy companies Energa – Hellas Power, who was serving a prison sentence of 21 years in prison for charges specific case.

The 39-year-old traveler was diagnosed with an invalidity rate of more than 65% and, in particular, reportedly had epileptic seizures and other psychiatric problems, and his request for release was accepted.

Regarding his involvement in the Power scandal of Energa-Hellas, in February 2017, Florus was condemned in the first instance by the Three-Head Court of Appeal for Injunctions and Money Laundering at a prison sentence of 21 years and a fine of 1.5 million euro.

According to the accusations, the managers of the two electricity companies (Vassilis Milionis and Aris Floros) received the money from the so-called "hareci" in the property, but they never paid it, as they were due, to the Greek state.

It is recalled that the accused last March was found guilty of sedition and the well-known case of attempted murder of lawyer George Antonopoulos in November 2014 in Penteli. Two brute villains were accused as natural perpetrators, who interviewed the businessman as the person who promised them a salary of 300,000 euros to assassinate LAGIE's lawyer and his counterpart in the Energa-Hellas Power case, Giorgos Antonopoulos.

They are the same criminals alleged to be the perpetrators of the murder of lawyer Michalis Zafiropoulos.

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