From Ithaca with "symbolism" the Tsipra word

In a movement with a strong symbolism, Alexis Tsipras will make Ithaca's call for tomorrow before the end of the memorandum and by the end of the week he will be reformed. According to information, the new cabinet will miss Panos Skourletis, who is expected to take over the secretary of the party.

The choice of Ithaca is not just random … The Maximos Manor has left the grand plans for parties and festivals and with political initiatives that do not cause negative reactions to mark the end of the three-year painful cycle of August, the beginning of a new " hope "period. However, the margins of the move are narrow: a speech by Alexis Tsipras based on possible communicative capacity, a redeployment that will give the electoral system of the government and the promise of a package of social measures that the prime minister will announce at the international fair in Thessaloniki. , In principle are the initiatives that are expected from Maximus, which seeks a life jacket at "Alexis, give it all."

Heavy climate

In a climate of frustration, reflection and even depression, the government sees the daily decline becoming increasingly sombre. The climate in the interior is heavy, because we are still counting deadly on the deadly fire in Mati, with persecutions against government officials and government officials falling into the rain. Markets are not only enthusiastic about the termination of the memorandum, but also express their mistrust of the Greek economy and are easing the loan rates to levels before the memorandum adventure, in early 2010! Even the stock exchange does not share the government's messages about a new era. But the figures are equally hesitant to worry because they betray weak growth prospects and controversial fiscal performance. The international press describes a black reality that obscures the story of a leftist success story and abruptly lands the rulers who were waiting for daggers from partners and foreign investors.

Nothing seems to work for the government at the moment. Even the glimpse of the liberation of the two Greek soldiers from Turkey, a development that tried to exploit Maximus agarb, turned out to be only a "miracle" that lasted only 24 hours. Nobody believed that this surprise movement by the Turkish side was due to the diplomatic actions of Athens, because the reluctance of Recep Tayyip Erdogan to make goodwill moves to Europeans under the suffocating pressure it receives from Washington. On the other hand, the fear of being in the background of retaliation on the Turkish side raises more shadow than the case highlights.

In any case, this week is extremely critical of the plans of the Maximos building, which hopes that the political agenda can finally be changed and that the announcements and benefits it prepares will be prepared in the coming months and until the elections will dominate the public debate. – whether they are made in May or earlier. The government does not seem to be able to resist the debate about its management deficit and the criminal errors associated with the tragedy in Mati. The political costs are enormous and probably irreversible, as the death toll is also caused by the total collapse of the state apparatus, of which the unpredictability is the only responsibility – as is the case for the government, regardless of any structural problems there may be over time.

That is why the "Change of Agenda" operation under the doctrine "Life Continues", and always with the main canvas the intensification of the conflict with the ND. and Kyriakos Mitsotakis, becomes crucial for shaping the political climate and the field of confrontation on which citizens will be called to judge the government and the opposition. In this context, the reform has a special political symbolism, with the information that leads Mr Tsipras to interfere in many areas of the government system, although many believe that here too the room for change of the prime minister is not great.

The faces of the transformation

Alexis Tsipras wants to combine the new government plan with the fact that he leaves the third memorandum, with clear political and communicative goals. The first plan was to have the government rebuild closer to the TIF, but if other political initiatives that affect the political landscape are not adopted, the prime minister must reinforce the message of change.

There is no clear picture of Mr Tsipras' decisions because he wants to preserve the element of surprise and show the image of the captain who overthrows. However, it seems to accept suggestions, even for drastic changes that most ministries will take.

Indigenous conflicts and personal oppositions between the top executives of the ruling party are decisive, as the new government system will be the election, with what it means to fight their election or re-election. House.

There is no clear picture of Mr. Tsipras, because he wants to preserve the element of surprise and create the image of the captain who makes the ups and downs.

Six will – as they occur – be the fields of the Prime Minister's speeches. The communication team, which proved problematic in managing the crisis with the tragedy in Mati. Within the Ministry of the Interior (including the protection of civilians), where the formation of the new regulation is still pending after Panos Skourtetis took over the duties of Nikos Tossas. In the field of economics, aimed at the Ministry of Development, to signal the supposed "virtuous" commemoration cycle.

To correct weaknesses and failures in a number of ministries by removing or moving problematic issues. The rise of executives of the new generation and finally the exploitation of actors outside SYRIZA in an attempt to overthrow the image of the political isolation that the ruling party has experienced.
According to information, Panos Skourletis will take the secretary of the party. As far as the protection of the ministry of citizens is concerned, the names of Christos Spiritsis, because of his influence on the paranormal state and the mechanism of self-government, and Dimitris Vitsa are the first on the table.

In the field of communication policy, Mr. Tsipras is seriously considering the scenario of stopping Dimitris Tzanakopoulos from the post of government spokesman after the explosions in the management of the deadly fire in East Attica. Mr. Tzanakopoulos seemed arrogant and cynical to the tragedy, and it almost burned him politically because he showed a government without empathy or some kind of emotional intelligence.

Mr. Tzanakopoulos is considered a candidate for the Ministry of Justice, but Stavros Kontonis enjoys the confidence of the Prime Minister and will leave his office only for a more important position of the government.

It is said that cases of indestructible or new executives who will take over the position of the representative are considered. These include Socrates Femmelos, Kostas Zachariades or Rania Sivgou. The most prominent in the first ministerial balance sheets speaks about returning to the central (ie electoral) staff of Nikos Pappas, but at the same time during his stay at the Ministry of Digital Policy.

For the Ministry of Economy, the scenario of the upgrade of Alexis Charitsis and Yannis Dragasakis to the role of the vice president, as it was before the last reshuffle, was upgraded as minister.

Opportunities in new managers

Ministers who are expected to run the risk are Lydia Koniordou, who is already being dismantled at the Ministry of Culture, Kostas Gavroglou of the Ministry of Education, and perhaps Vangelis Apostolou at the Ministry of Agriculture – mainly from the carobs deadly. It is more likely that many vice ministers, such as Katerina Papanatsiou, Maria Kollia-Tsaroucha, Dimitris Baxevanakis and Kostas Fotakis, will also change.

The Prime Minister wants to offer opportunities to new executives and deputies, but also to upgrade some of the sub-ministers and assistant ministers who have shown progress opportunities. Among them and beyond are Mr. Charitsis Stergios Pitsiorlas, Nektarios Santorinios, Thanos Iliopoulos and others.

In addition to Messrs. Zachariadis and Ms. Sivogos, candidates for the new scheme are MPs such as Themis Moumoulides (for the Ministry of Culture), Kostas Douzinas and executives such as Christos Staikos (for a position at the Ministry of Economy and Development), while in case of a vacancy at the Ministry of Justice Michalis Kalogirou is also proposed. Nobody knows whether prominent administrators such as Nikos Filis, Nikos Xydakis and others will return to the government.

Unemployed people must be considered among others ministers Nikos Kotzias of Foreign Affairs together with his deputy Giorgos Katrougalos, Defense Panos Kammenos, and as deputy Fotis Kouvelis, Minister of Labor Efi Achitsoglou with her deputy Theano Fotiou (but not Minister of State Tasos Petropoulos)), but also the Ministers of Administrative Reconstruction Olga Gerovassili, Energy Giorgos Stathakis, Shipping Panos Kourouplis, Health Andreas Xanthos and Tourism Elena Kountoura. And of course the twins of the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Euclid Tsakalotos and Mr. George Houliarakis.

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