G. Chatzimarkos for the PNO attack: "No one is excluded from the effort to keep the country going"

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G. Chatzimarkos for the PNO attack:

The Regional Governor of the South Aegean, George Hatzimarkos, declared the following statement with a view to the PNO strike on 3 September 2018:

"The decision of the Pan-Hellenic Navy Federation to engage ships on 3 September in ports, at a time when tourism is at its peak, is a blow to the country's efforts to stabilize and stabilize the country. This effort is customary and applies to everyone.

The uninterrupted development of the tourist season and the prevention of the impact that the image of the country will undergo internationally is crucial. Crucial is also the service of islanders, who usually have no connection with the country, but only coastal transport.

The strike is, of course, an inalienable right of every citizen who thinks that his or her employment rights are being affected. But this is so insofar as the way claims are claimed is not against society.

At the crucial point where the place is located, a dialogue is needed in the field of social solidarity and national interest, which will lead to solutions that are generally accepted and realistic.

From the attempt to rise the country, no one is excluded. It is necessary to realize that we are all passengers on the same boat. His course is all about us. "

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