Gavdos: He began to gather the long line and tried to believe in his eyes – The fish of his life [pics]

A small 1.5-meter-long shark weighing about 30 pounds came close to Gavdos, a professional fisherman who had gone to long-distance fishing in the morning. Giorgos Kriaras also maintains a restaurant in Loutro Sfakion and after the unexpected fish he went to his shop, along with the little shark, which attracted the interest of locals and tourists.

"Everyone gathered to see him," said the proud fisherman, who is not the first time he has caught a shark, although he explained that the other two cases were the familiar kind of soap. "Two years ago I caught a big shark, weighed more than 1.5 meters and weighed 70-80 pounds, the one I picked today weighs about 30 pounds, but it's rare, I've never seen it before," says the Mr. Kriaras.

The little shark in the hands of the fisherman

The photo's that have caught a fisherman in the bay of Messinian

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