"Get, embrace and support the market"

"Stand up, cherish and support the market, show confidence in small and medium-sized businesses." This is underlined by the Athens Chamber of Commerce in a letter to the government and political parties for the TIF, as mentioned in an earlier announcement that corrects a previous announcement today.

The new announcement reads as follows:

"The real market situation and the truth behind the indices, the ESA chairman, Stavros Kafounis, sent to the Prime Minister and the party leaders." In detail in his letter, Mr. Kafounis explains:

The Athenian Chamber of Commerce, with a view to the 83rd TIF and your positions on financial affairs, wants to bring you the real market situation and the truth behind the indices, as evidenced by the daily contact with small and medium-sized businesses, our members.

After eight years of struggle to tackle the unprecedented financial crisis, those who have managed to survive and balance the new market have no room for endurance. Unfortunately, if there is a loss of turnover again, we will be faced with a new round of padlocks with enormous social implications.

We are currently in a critical turning point and it is the moment when the market immediately needs an investment shock based on real growth fines.

Receive the market, embrace and support the market. Show confidence in small and medium-sized companies, who are able to work under conditions of lower taxes, declining bureaucracy and effective regulation of old debts, to give the motto of restarting the Greek economy, to small but large volume. investing with long-term positive results offers new permanent jobs and hope for the next day. The investment shock that everyone gathers can come from our own intestines and those who are attracting large foreign investments that have never been able to pull the chariot in an economy without domestic small business. "

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