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The first meeting of the Cabinet after the crisis in relations SYRIZA – Kamenou

16/10/2018 – 13:19

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The need for government unity, at a time when it can reap the benefits of an effort of 3.5 years, as we are now in the post-mortem phase of the recovery of the Greek economy, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said during his speech during the cabinet meeting.

According to the government's sources, the prime minister stressed that the Greek government presented for the first time a draft budget for the European semester process, confirming the clear departure of the country from the memorial service. In this context, he underlined the fact that the plan identifies the intention of the government:

• Do not apply the benchmark for pension increase, as the target of 3.5% is achieved without this measure.

• Apply the measures of reasonable budget expansion announced to the TIF.

In this context, he considered that the Greek Government's plan would be accepted by the European Commission.

He also presented the timetable for legislative interventions to implement the government's fiscal policy, announced at the TIF, culminating in the vote on the budget.

According to the same sources, in early November it gave priority to the start of the procedures for constitutional reform, based on the July 2016 proposals and the national dialogue conclusions.

Finally, as a central political issue, he set the need for government unity at a time when it can reap the benefits of an effort of 3.5 years, as we are now in the postmortem phase of the recovery of the Greek economy.

In this context he asked all ministers to commit that there was no thought to identify and never identify with the efforts of Law and Right to overthrow the government on the occasion of the nomenclature, but with a real reason for their desire to overturn a way out of the crisis with society upright. And that is why they will not support a possible motion of censure of the ND against the government, Al said. Tsipras.

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