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Seismic vibrations were especially noticeable at 5:48 am in Patras and in the wider region of Western Achaia. According to the Geodynamic Institute of the National Observatory of Athens, the earthquake had a magnitude of 4 degrees on the Richter scale and the epicenter was located 22 kilometers southwest of Patras in the West Achaje region.

According to the Euromediterranean Seismological Center, however, the earthquake was 4.2 degrees on the Richter scale and the focus was on three kilometers northeast of the Lappa community in West Achaia, with a focal length of 10 kilometers.

In his statements Professor Efthimios Lekkas remarks: "This earthquake comes from an earthquake zone with a small depth of field."

According to him, "the earthquake was intensely palpable, but it was short because it had a small depth of field."
"It was an earthquake on the surface of 6-7 km depth of field," added Mr. Lekkas and concluded: "we look at the phenomenon but there is no concern."

Other earthquakes, smaller in size, namely at 7.30 am, 1.9-bytes geodynamic, from the same place and at 9.12 am in the 1.6-rhythm of 12 km magnitude of Amaliada BBA.

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